Brows On Fleek: 5 Eyebrow Trends That You Need To Try When You’re Feeling Experimental

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 20, 2021
Brows On Fleek: 5 Eyebrow Trends That You Need To Try When You’re Feeling Experimental


Eyebrow grooming is no longer just reserved for getting them threaded at the salon. Ever since accentuating your brows became the hot new trend after supermodel Cara Delevingne, we got over the whole fad of extremely thin eyebrows and products like eyebrow pencils and pomades became huge in the beauty industry. That being said, we have come a long way from just making your eyebrows look as thick as possible. Today, your brows are a form of self-expression and with that celebs have their own preferred ways of styling their eyebrows. We take a look at the different brow grooming techniques so that you can find the right style for your persona. 

5 Brow Grooming Aesthetics To Take A Note Of

Feathered Effect

The supermodel certified brow aesthetic that has been trending since 2017 and is here to stay, feathered eyebrows are spotted on runways season after season. This effect is often achieved with soap and therefore has another name: soap brows. Simply dampen a clear soap bar, pick up some of the soap on a spoolie and brush your brows upwards. Draw hair-like strokes with a pencil after soap sweeps if your brows are sparse.

Bold & Beautiful

Heavily defined brows are not going anywhere. If you aren’t already blessed with prominent eyebrows, filling them in with brow pencils or powders and then going over the strands with a brow gel is a sure shot way to make a statement. This style goes well with glamorous makeup looks.

Dare To Dye

People are dying their brows in different hues and we have to say it looks stunning. A popular trend was to dye your brows blonde which looks beautiful on any skin tone. The idea was to make your brows almost invisible so that the rest of your makeup pops out. Genius. Also, it is an alternative option to shaving them off completely. Just make sure to have a professional carry out the bleaching if you intend to sport this look.

Bushy Brows

Those of you who like thick brows can just choose to grow them out and avoid plucking and threading. Keeping your brows au naturel is also a celeb-approved way to slay and we love that. If you think your brows are light and want to make them look bushier, you can opt for brow pencils or go in for a microblading sesh.

Straight To The Point

We are all aware of eyebrows having arches, but a trend where the brow shape tries to avoid arching is real. Straight shaped brows are a thing and popular amongst celebs like Kendall Jenner and Gen Z. This brow trend features straight, sharply defined brows with the ends slanting upwards towards the temples. This trend is not for the faint-hearted and if you choose to shape your brows like this, you will have to wait a while until you can get your natural arches back. To get this look, the ends of your brows, beyond the arches, will be removed so as to create more of a straight line.

Now that you’re aware of the different eyebrow grooming aesthetics, tell us which ones are your favourites.

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