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Brows On Fleek: The Only Eyebrow Grooming Guide You’ll Ever Need

Brows On Fleek: The Only Eyebrow Grooming Guide You’ll Ever Need

‘Your brows look amazing’ is the best compliment anyone can ever receive. Even though eyebrows can either make or break your look, they are still the one facial feature that’s undergone tremendous change over the past few decades. From bushy brows in the ‘80s to barely-there brows in the ‘90s to trend-setting fuller brows from the previous decade and now full-grown caterpillars we’re all sporting thanks to the lockdown; it’s safe to say that this is one beauty trend that keeps surprising us.

But here’s the thing– unlike other makeup or beauty fads, when it comes to your brows, before jumping on the trend wagon you need to keep in mind several factors, one of them being finding the right shape to suit your face. The size of your brows or the way they are shaped can drastically change the way you look and sometimes not for the better. For example, low brows can make you look tired, highly arched, thin brows can make you look surprised and too light will draw attention away from your eyes.


Tips For Getting Those Instagram-Friendly Arches

If this is all too new for you and you don’t know where to start, there’s no need to panic. Unlike the ‘90s, you’re living in a decade that appreciates brows and we’ve gathered up all the information you need to perfect your brow game. From colour to finding the right shape and even learning how to map your brows; read on to learn the tips and tricks to getting flawless eyebrows.

Enhance Your Natural Brow Shape

how to get perfect eyebrows naturally


Work with what you’ve got. Just enhance your natural brow shape and placement rather than giving them a drastic makeover.

Don’t Just Blindly Copy Trends

Don't Let Your Brows Overpower You


Right now, Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke’s thick, dark brows are everyone’s favourite, but before you rush to increase your brow size to match theirs, take into consideration your face shape. If you have a small face, thick and bushy brows may overpower your entire face and steal the show, whereas extremely thin brows can make your face look bigger and fatter.

Match Your Brows To Your Face Shape

Certain hairstyles suit certain face shapes and this rule can apply to your brows as well. Not all eyebrow styles go with all face shapes, hence it’s important to first determine the structure of your face and then choose a brow style that will complement it.

Types of Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces

Jessica Alba's flat and extended eyebrows


Long Face: If you have a long face, avoid arched brows or high set brows as they will make your face look longer. The eyebrow shape for a long face should ideally be kept flat and extended at the ends with a slight downward curve. This will balance out your features and make your face seem rounder.

eyebrow shapes for round face

@ aslisona

Round Face: If you have a round face, your aim should be to make it look longer. High arched eyebrows or soft arched eyebrows will accentuate your face shape and lift everything upwards. This will create the illusion of an oval face. Avoid flat, round brows as it will make your face look plumper.

eyebrow shapes for square face


Square Face: Those with square faces have a strong jawline hence to soften this look, it’s beneficial to try angled brow shapes with medium thickness. You could either go for a soft angle which has soft curves and a slight peak or opt for a hard-angled brow shape which has a higher, sharper and more defined angle– both these shapes will make the face look more feminine.

eyebrow shape for heart shaped face


Heart-Shaped Face: If you have a pointed chin, then chances are you have a heart-shaped face. To soften your look, aim for rounded brows. A low, rounded arched brow will enhance your beauty.

eyebrow shapes for diamond face


Diamond Face: If you have wide cheeks with a narrower chin and forehead, then you fall under this category. Those with diamond faces should go for curved brows as it softens and shortens the face. This brow style also evens out your features.

Pick The Right Colour

Pick The Right Brow Colour


While the shape of your brows can change the shape of your face, colour plays an important role too. Most Indian women make the mistake of using a black shade to fill in their eyebrows. If you go for a colour that’s too dark, it might create an unnatural, harsh look and even ruin your overall appearance. For a more natural look, select a colour that’s 1 or 2 shades lighter than your brown or black hair. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match shades. If you apply one block colour to your brows, it may end up looking fake. For a more natural finish, opt for a gradient effect.

Get An Expert’s Opinion

If you’re new to the brow game, first, get some professional advice before trying any DIYs. A professional will put you on the right track to achieving envious brows. Think about it this way– you wouldn’t try to create a new hairstyle on your own right? So even when it comes to shaping your brows, it’s always good to let a specialist handle them first.

Brow Mapping To Fill In Your Brows

Brow Mapping


When it comes to filling in your brows, brow mapping and a bit of practice can make you a pro in no time. Use this easy guide to determine exactly how arched your brows need to be and where they need to start, based on your face shape.

Here’s how it’s done:

– Place a brush on the dimple of your nose and point it straight up to find the starting point of your brow.

– Place the brush at the edge of your nose and angle it across the middle of your eye to find the arch point.

– Hold the brush at the edge of your nose and angle it to the outer corner of your eye to find the ending point of your brows.

– Before filling in your brows, brush the hair upwards using a spoolie and trim any excess hair.

– Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows with short, quick strokes while moving in the direction of your hair growth. You can also use a stiff angled brush to soften the lines.

– Set the product using a spoolie.


Your brows are the most important and interesting feature of your face so instead of just copying a new brow trend, first, make sure it works in your favour by incorporating these eyebrow tips. 

20 Aug 2020

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