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It Took 400 kg Of Gold To Create Deepika’s Padmavati Look!

It Took 400 kg Of Gold To Create Deepika’s Padmavati Look!

Whether it’s Padmavati’s unibrow look, costumes or set designs, Sanjay Leela Bhansali settles for nothing less than perfection. It’s his eye for detail that makes every period-drama of his, from Devdas to Padmavati, worth millions. When SLB’s music plays in his movies, it’s not just a filler, it’s the only visible emotion.

Since inception, this Rs 160 crore project has been a news maker for multiple reasons. And now this blockbuster is on its way to release on 1st December. But it clearly didn’t come easy or cheap. Not only do characters of this movie make the tale interesting but every look from sober to ornate has a story of its own.

Heavy traditional jewellery and colourful lehengas adorned by Deepika as a Rajput Queen have accumulated a lot of appreciation.

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If you think Anushka’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 17 kg bridal lehenga was big news, then wait for this one. As per a report, Deepika wore not just a lehenga but lehengas weighing 30 kgs and shot for 12-14 hours straight, which continued for 100 days. But do you see a sign of discomfort on her face in the trailer? No. That’s the kind of dedication it takes to become SLB’s favourite actor.

It took 600 days of hard work, 200 craftsmen and 400 kg of gold just to create the jewellery for Rani Padmini in the film. A part of hard work is visible in a video shared by the makers.

27 Oct 2017

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