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The Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2023 – Do They Deserve To Be Part Of 2024? 

The Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2023 – Do They Deserve To Be Part Of 2024? 

We at POPxo have had quite a year, diving into the beauty world’s kaleidoscope of micro-trends and seasonal products. From the resurgence of Y2K aesthetics to the embrace of natural, skin-first approaches, it’s been quite the journey. I mean, who could forget the moment when neon eyeliners made a comeback, or when face gems were suddenly the go-to accessory for every party?

At this point, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen trends that made us swoon (hello, glass skin!) and others that had us scratching our heads in bewilderment (did someone say penis facials?) It’s been a year of embracing the bold, the bizarre, and everything in between. 2023 has been a rollercoaster of beauty discoveries and faux passes. So we got the team together to spill the tea on our most loved and hated beauty trends of the year!

Nidhi Kavle, Beauty Editor, POPxo

Trend I Loved: Strawberry makeup look – although I don’t resonate with the name, this is my general go-to makeup look all year round. 

Trend I Hated: Naming a basic makeup look after food. It’s probably the most annoying – strawberry, latte, pumpkin, food-themed makeup.


Anwesha Das, Social Media Manager, POPxo

Trend I Hated: The no-brow/shaved brows trend is not a trend, it’s a MISTAKE! We spend years getting the perfect shape of fuller brows – it makes no sense to shave it off!

Trend I Loved: Latte makeup! It’s not only easy to recreate given all the brown products we usually own as Indians, but it’s also a very nice monotone makeup look for my skin tone – gives off that quintessential quiet luxury KimK and Kylie vibe!

Sneha Kalra, Junior Editor, POPxo

Trend I Hated: The slick back bun is not for me. Every time I tried it, I felt like I was two seconds away from a ‘bald’ joke. It somehow managed to make my face look twice its size – definitely a hard pass!

Trend I Loved: Dewy anything! Glossy skin, lips, hair, nails – I love all of it.


Eden Noronha, Senior Writer, POPxo

Trend I Hated: Faux skinny brows – just no. Why are we trying to revive a trend that should have stayed in the 90s? Every time I see them, I can’t help but cringe. They’re just too harsh and unflattering!

Trend I Loved: Cherry cola lips, yes please! 🍒 This trend is everything for someone who adores a bold, statement lip. It’s the perfect blend of edgy and classic, adding just the right amount of drama to any look!

Preeti Varade, Social Media Associate, POPxo

Trend I Hated: Hated the blurred lips trend. Thought it didn’t work very well for me since I have very pigmented lips.

Trend I Loved: So mixing your moisturiser with foundation is what I discovered this year. Idk how long people have been doing this, but it’s totally changed the game for me!


Tanisha Bathija, Social Media Associate, POPxo

Trend I Hated: Hated the aggressive marketing that was done for sunscreens. Especially, how every month the sunscreen application rule was changing with every single influencer giving their opinion like it was more than just a ‘hot take’. Trust your dermats, guys.

Trend I Loved: Hmm..hard to choose. Loved the curtain bang trend, but also mermaid core makeup!

Nidhi Pandey, Social Media Associate, POPxo

Trend I Hated: Nose hair trend – I mean why? Also what even is the period blood facial – I heard the name, saw a video and I still haven’t recovered from it. Still makes me cringe. It is traumatising!

Trend I Loved: The barely there makeup look. For someone who’s more comfortable with her natural skin, this look speaks volumes!


Aadrika Sominder, Beauty Writer, POPxo

Trend I Hated: The side parting. Why is this back, it’s not funny, gives me 8th-grade flashbacks, and only looks good on a supermodel – we don’t need this slander in 2023!

Trend I Loved: Tooth gems. Where have these been all my life? A Hello Kitty diamond on my incisor – yes please!

This year has been a wild ride through the beauty landscape, filled with some stunning highs and a few bewildering lows. What we’ve learned is that beauty is ever-evolving, personal, and subjective (most of the time). It’s about finding what works for you, whether that means rocking a bold cherry cola lip or steering clear of those slick back buns. The key is to have fun with it, stay true to yourself, and remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about feeling great in your skin!

Featured Images: Instagram

27 Dec 2023

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