Blast From The Past: These Y2K Nail Trends Are What All The ‘It’ Girls Are Rocking RN!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 2, 2021
Early 2000s Nail Trends We're Loving RN


Here’s the thing: beauty is cyclical, and the early 2000s nail art iterations we all wore back then are hitting the scene yet again. From bedazzling crystal-embedded manicure to pearlescent blues for instant Lizzie Mcguire vibes- the gone-but-never-forgotten nail trends from the 2000s are sneaking their way into our Instagram feed. A special thanks to the ultimate beauty queens of the ‘Gram i.e, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, and Bella Hadid for bringing back these classics.

Whether you gravitate towards bright, cheerful hues that reflect the fun and carefree feelings or neutrals for a more pared-back look- we’ve rounded up the modern, updated versions of ‘00s-inspired nails to suit every style aesthetic. Keep scrolling through for the coolest, statement-making 2000s-inspired nails that are reemerging right now.

These Flattering Nail Designs From The 2000s Will Inspire You To Get A Fresh Mani

The Evergreen White Or Black Tips

Blacktips for when you want to make a punk-inspired beauty statement and white tips for a more polished summer-friendly look. When you’re picking black nail paint, make sure it’s super-deep black and shiny. Both these nail paint hues look great on all nail lengths and shapes.

Bold And Bright: Hot Pink Nails

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Fact: Hot pink nails will never be out of style and with celebrities like Megan Fox sporting such statement-making nails, it’s only fair to say that hot pink nails are going to be everywhere. We recommend using this bold, creamy shade with a slight shimmer that will catch the sunlight.

The Reverse French Mani

Yes, french manicures have been ruling the beauty world since forever. But the iteration sweeping the ‘gram right now is the reverse french mani. They first came into the beauty spotlight in the early 2000s and are one of the most requested looks nowadays, especially loved by the trendsetting minimalist folks.

Frozen-Esque Nails

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With our Instagram feed flooded with Y2K-era trends, it’s no surprise that frosted nail polishes are back in fashion. The best bits? It’s super easy to do when you’re busy and don’t have the time to try extensive nail art. It looks good on all nail shapes and will help you give off some major Lizzie Mcguire-esque vibes in a jiffy.

Vintage-Inspired Red Nails

The biggest nail trends of 2021 are remarkably similar to those that took over 2001. The resurgence of vintage-inspired trends brought lots of red lipstick and nails. This one in particular will never go out of style. Thanks to the versatility of red nails, it looks equally good with both Indian and western wear. P.S.: Look for a creamier, deeper shade rather than cherry red if you’re exacting, just like us.

Graphic Nails For The Win

Intricate nail art had hit the beauty spotlight in the last decade, but it’s been around forever. If you love minimalistic graphic nail art designs- this take on the ’00s-inspired nail trend might be your favourite style to hop on the bandwagon. It looks especially great with colour-blocking. If you don’t want to commit to acrylic or gel nails, we recommend using these press-ons for an easy, breezy style.

Screenshot these 2000s nail trends to make an eye-catching statement.

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