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20 Changes That We Would Want To See In The World In 2020

20 Changes That We Would Want To See In The World In 2020

Who we are now is not the same as who we were last year. Life never stands still no matter what we do. Change is the only constant, right? Now, as the year 2020 is approaching, we bet you guys are busy making new year plans and thinking about your resolutions but have you thought about what will 2020 be like? Each and every day we hear stories about how the world around us is getting worse. From the unbearable pollution to war and hate crimes to all kinds of stereotypes, we hear about a terrible event almost every day. And it is enough to pull the most lighthearted person into a situation of despair! 

So, if given a chance, what is that one thing that you would want to change in the world around you? We bet you must have a thousand things going on in your mind when you think about it. We’ve come up with 20 such changes that we would want to see in 2020 in the world around us.

#POPxoLucky2020: Changes That We Hope To See In The World This Year

There are several things that catch our attention in our day to day lives that we would want to change, and with a new year soon approaching, we thought of listing 20 things that we would like to change in 2020. We believe, these will make the world a better place to live in!

Clearer air to breathe in


With the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi and other cities entering the ‘severe plus’ and ‘emergency’ categories, we are not exactly breathing the air we would want to. The hazardous air pollution has become a serious health concern for us, and it’s worse for the children as they breathe faster and take in more pollutants than an adult. So, for starters, we definitely want cleaner air to breathe in.

Complete ban on single-use/throw away plastic


Norwegian diplomat Erik Solheim, last year, said that our planet is on the edge of a global plastic calamity, and we couldn’t agree more. Well yes, countries including India are working on banning the single-use and throw away plastic. Reports suggest that a full ban on plastic products in South Africa is expected by 2020, but what about other countries? Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that India will eliminate the use of plastic by 2022 and several companies are protesting. Well, the move will disrupt supply chains and raise costs but if we look at the bigger picture here, using biodegradable products will benefit all of us in the long run.

Better conservation of energy

We MUST conserve energy. Why? Simply because a natural result of wasting energy is increased costs for you. Your bills will increase unnecessarily and it might also hamper the lifespan of your electronics. This is something that we can start doing at our homes. From putting a lid on the saucepan while boiling water or using cold water to wash clothes, we hope that we make our homes as energy efficient as possible in the coming year.

Planting trees is the key


From mitigating air quality to storing carbon emissions, planting more and more trees will help both humans and the planet. So, instead of deforestation to make room for more houses and roads, we should plant trees which will purify the air we breathe.

Empowering women

We would like to see a world which is willing to improve women’s political, economic, social and health status. We want to live in a world where women are NOT judged on the basis of their personal and professional choices (if they are allowed to make one). We are looking forward to the day when a girl child is not killed inside her mother’s womb in hopes of having a baby boy.

We won’t mind a safer world, and not just for women

Be it a girl travelling late at night wearing a dress or a man driving to his office on a secluded road to a tourist visiting a historical monument, we want safety for everyone. We hope 2020 is a better year as far as safety is concerned.

Stop objectification of women


Whether it’s a fairness cream commercial or double meaning songs in Bollywood, we have been objectifying women at every point. Being aware of the misogynistic ideals that we breed is very important. We hope we start seeing women as humans and not mere objects.

Breaking stereotypes

From telling men that they are not supposed to cry to featuring women in every baby product’s advertisement, we are living in a stereotypical world and we hate it. Here’s hoping on the world to change!

Creating more employment opportunities

We hope that 2020 creates better employment opportunities for people who are struggling to find work and we hope that the wage gap disparity too, decreases.

We hate to live in a patriarchal society

Women, these days, are out and about managing their professional and personal lives with the best of their ability but they are still expected to be obedient and submissive. No, what’s that all about? We are almost on the verge of entering 2020 and women are still leaving their parents house to move to their husband’s home after they get married. Moreover, women taking care of their parents after marriage is frowned upon, and we find this disturbing and unfair.

Being tolerant to all religions

Tolerance is something that we really lack. As far as India is concerned, we tend to lose patience very quickly every time a comment is made that is slightly connected to some religion or community. In a country with cultural diversity, we hope that we are headed towards a time where acceptance and patience exist.

Being kinder to each other

We genuinely hope that people are kinder to each other in this so-called modern world. We all get frustrated on multiple occasions and sometimes yell at people who we don’t even know. It’s all a vicious circle. Picture this, the person you yelled at might get upset with someone else and transfer his emotions. And this circle of negativity will continue. Why not spread love instead of hate?

A better education system


Most of the schools and colleges these days are still emphasizing on theoretical knowledge and lack a practical approach. Therefore, we hope that the system gets better as time passes so that the students are able to think beyond being a doctor or an engineer.

Affordable health care

The healthcare services should be made more affordable so that all the people, irrespective of them being rich or poor, can enjoy the same benefits.

Say NO to hate crimes

The cases of hate crimes are increasing by the day as there is no specific law under Indian Penal Code other than hate speech. Being tolerant towards other religions might contribute to a decrease in the number of hate crimes. Well, who wants to raise their children in a world where there’s so much hatred around, right?

Stringent laws against serious crimes like rape


Putting the safety of women on priority, we should come up with stricter laws to punish the rapists so that any pervert wouldn’t have the audacity to commit such a heinous crime again.

Peace on borders

We all are humans and we fail to believe that all we want to do is kill each other in the name of protecting our countries. We don’t want a world which is fueled by fear. War should NOT be an answer.

Be kind to animals


We wish for a world where people are not only kind to each other, but also to animals. The cases of animal cruelty are increasind by the day but animals are not ours to abuse.

Better preparedness for natural calamities


We cannot predict the timing of a natural calamity or the havoc that will be caused by it, but being better prepared will give us a sense of confidence. It will also decrease the number of people affected and that’s the whole point.

Young political leadership

We’ve all grown up listening and believing that ‘politics is a dirty business’ but it’s high time that some young leaders take over the country. Don’t you think? We hope that young minds play a key role in making every policy, rule, bill or law. 

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Yes, we agree that we won’t be able to change the world alone but by making small amendments in our lives, we can definitely contribute to the change. Come, let’s join hands and try to make the world a better place for our generations to come by doing our part. We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2020. 


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21 Nov 2019

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