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#HeSays: 12 Reasons Guys Love It When Girls *Moan* During Sex!

#HeSays: 12 Reasons Guys Love It When Girls *Moan* During Sex!

We know that most girls are probably aware that we like it when they moan in bed. But we don’t think you know exactly why that is! If we’re right in that assumption, and if you’re curious to finally find out – here you go, ladies. We give you 12 reasons why do guys like women moaning during sex!

Why Do Guys Like Women Moaning During Sex?

You don’t have to be a scientist to decode the answer to this question; after all nobody likes to have dead drop silence on their bed especially when they are involved in some sexual activity, neither do they want to be the only one talking or screaming. That sounds off and also feels wrong. But hold it, there is more to why do guys like women moaning during sex. Let’s answer the question, do guys like when girls moan!

1. Instant Turn-On

In case we weren’t super turned on already, your moans can definitely get us there. Really, it doesn’t even have to be a moan caused by us…if you know what we mean.

2. Sense Of Accomplishment

It’s the equivalent of a pat on the back – but maybe better actually. Moaning during sex make us feel like we definitely did something right just then.

3. Encouraging…Sounds

And since we did something right, it also serves as an encouragement for us to keep going on and doing what we were doing. Since ,you know, we’re heading in the right direction!

4. Food For Our Dominant Side!

Most of us guys have a dominant side that simply loves to make you moan, loves that we can evoke that kind of a reaction from you. That side feels a lot like a king thanks to the moans.

5. Raw And Wild

There is something so raw about your moans – like all of your inhibitions are gone. And now it’s just you, with zero pretences and restrictions. It’s very…intimate.

6. Green Light

Your moans also act as an indicator – it’s go time! You’re clearly enjoying yourself and if we were looking for a sign to take the next step… THIS is it!

7. Bragging Rights

Well, yes. We might not admit it, but we do think we must be pretty damn good in bed to make you moan like that. It says something for our skills, right?!

8. Hot And Hotter

Sex just becomes hotter with a lot of moans. (Yours, of course.) And if you could maybe include even a scream (of the good kind, obviously) or two… #AWESOME

9. Equal Involvement

There are times in bed when one partner is way more into what’s happening than the other. Your moans, though, are a clear indication that you’re as present in this moment as can be. And that’s just amazing!

10. The Step Before Dirty Talk

It feels like a gateway to us. If you’re comfortable enough to moan as much as you like in front of us, we hope that soon you’ll feel comfortable enough to move on to dirty talk too. A guy can hope, right?

11. Create A Kinky Fantasy

Moaning during sex sets up a certain atmosphere in the bedroom which can further lead to some different yet enticing, kinky fantasies and you don’t even have to try so hard. For some, moaning is also very exhibitionistic- especially the thrill of letting others know or even get caught.

12. Getting Caught Is Half The Fun

As Katy Perry says, “Let them hear you roar.”, isn’t that motivation enough? On a serious note, there’s nothing more thrilling than being on the edge by doing something under the covers along with the possibility of being caught. Well, what’s the big deal with it?


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14 Jul 2021

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