15 Dialogues You’ve Definitely Heard If You Have A Desi Mom

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  May 6, 2019
15 Dialogues You’ve Definitely Heard If You Have A Desi Mom


Mother-daughter dynamics while being beautiful are always complicated. At the end of the day, all desi moms are pretty similar whether you’ve grown up as an NRI in the States or you’ve been born and brought up right here. From always sneakily knowing everything in your life to being overtly possessive about her Tupperware containers, our desi mothers are such cuties. So here are some of the things we’ve grown up hearing from our moms:

1. “Haan haan, sab tod do. We use glass bowls only so that you can break them.”

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When you accidentally break something on the table your mom has to give a sarcastic comment because that’s what she does.

2. “Beta, cooking toh aani chahiye. It’s a life skill.”

“Mama, life skill is also opening my phone and knowing where to order from and I’m pretty darn good at it.”

3. “Yes, this is a hotel na, me and your father are running a hotel only. You come, eat, sleep and then leave.”

“Mummy hotels have room service. Also, no one in a hotel comes and switches off the fan because didi has to do jhaadoo early morning.”

4. “Don’t go out in the sun, kaali ho kar waapis aayegi.”

“Uhhh, mom, the whole tanned look is in so I’ll be very happy with a deeper complexion right now.” 

5. “Yeh aaj kal phone par baat kuch jyaada nahi badh gayi?”

“Yes, mom, I’ve got a boyfriend, of course, I’ll talk on the phone.” PS- We don’t take a guarantee of how that conversation is going to go! 😛

6. “Sharma ji ka beta got 98.9% and look at you, useless.”

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“Sharma ji ka beta needs to get a life, Maa.”

7. “You won’t understand what I’m trying to say right now. When you become a mother na…”

So since I’m only going to understand when I become a mom, let’s have this conversation then only. 

8. “Clean your room, you have too many clothes, throw some away.”

“I have kept those clothes on the chair, purposefully. And my clothes wouldn’t look like they’re too many if I had more cupboard space.”

9. “When I was your age I had had your brother…”

“I’m sorry for your baal vivah mama.”

10. “You know how much I struggled to get you into this world and you have no regard for my feelings only.”

“Yes, mom, I’ve heard that nine months story umpteen times, thank you but please stop repeating it.”

giphy %2834%29

11. “Phir se sleepover, why don’t you ask Tina’s mother only to adopt you. You’ll love that, won’t you?”

“Aww, if Tina’s mom adopts me who will you maaro taanas on every day? I can’t do that to you.”

12. “Ab bass teri shaadi kar ke, settle karwa ke, our responsibility will be done.”

“Mama, you know me, aapka sar main itne easily thodi na khaana stop karoongi, shaadi or no shaadi you’ll definitely still be troubled by me.”

13. “Don’t be so sad, come I’ll oil your hair, sab theek ho jayega.”

“Maa, my boss just told me she hated the presentation I’ve been working on for a month, how will oiling my hair help?”

14. “Subah se nahaya dhoya bhi nahi hai, har waqt TV TV TV.”

“Game Of Thrones Season 8 > Everything else”

15. “Bas main bol rahi hoon na.”

giphy %2833%29

There’s literally no explanation or answer you can give to this. Mom- 1, Logic- 0.

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