13 Ridiculous Things You’ll Definitely Hear If You Don’t Want To Get Married!

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  May 16, 2019
13 Ridiculous Things You’ll Definitely Hear If You Don’t Want To Get Married!


In India, marriage is often presented as the ultimate goal every person, especially woman, needs to achieve. Even if they don’t want to go ahead with it, societal and family pressure seems to get the best of them. But some of us really don’t want to get married and whenever you say these words at a family occasion or in front of your mom’s kitty party friends, they have so much to say to you, none of it good, though. So here are 13 things you’ll definitely hear if shaadi isn’t your cup of tea. 

1. “It’s just a phase, you’ll get over it.”

Uhh. No, it’s not just a phase, I might actually never want to get married.

2. “Shaadi nahi karogi then how will you have kids?”

Aunty, reality check, I don’t need shaadi to have kids. That I’m very good at doing without marriage too.

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3. “You always need a partner in life.”

I’m my own partner and it’s a great and fulfilling relationship I have with myself. Also, my friends and dogs are there to give me company.

4. “Beta, at your age even I used to say this. When the time comes you’ll also want to tie the knot.”

What time? When will the time come? 

5. “Who will look after you in your old age?”

I will look after myself – I’ll have my besties and my work. Don’t worry about this.

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6. “Only once you get married will your parent’s responsibility get over. If not for yourself, do it for them.”

Yes, one of the most important decisions of my life should be based on emotional blackmail. Aunty, you nailed it! 

7. “Don’t you want the big, fat, Indian wedding?”

No, just for a party I don’t want to get married. I can have parties JLT.

8. “If you don’t have a husband, your father will have to finance your life forever.”

Uhhh, did you forget about me? I can finance my own life. Thank you very much.

9. “You’ve studied, you’re working, marriage is the next step.”

Who said marriage is the next step. Who planned this route for me?

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10. “Trust me, even I didn’t want to get married but Rahul has been the best decision I ever made.”

That’s great but I don’t want a Rahul. I’m perfectly fine being Anjali all alone.

11. “You can never understand what being a woman truly means without having babies.”

I am a woman just as I am. Having babies, adopting kids, not having children- nothing defines that.

12. “You’ll miss the happiest day of your life.”

I graduated top of my class, I got a promotion in the first six months of working – I think those were the happiest times of my life.

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13. “Hahahaha. Stop talking like a child, of course, you’ll want to get married.”

No Aunty, for the hundredth time, nahi karni shaadi

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