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Bend It Like B-Town: 10 Pilates Tutorials On Youtube To Jazz Up Your Lockdown Workout

Bend It Like B-Town: 10 Pilates Tutorials On Youtube To Jazz Up Your Lockdown Workout

From Alia Bhatt to Malaika Arora, ask b-town celebs about their most favoured mode of work out and chances are that you’d hear nothing but the word Pilates on repeat. In fact, just a couple of months ago Katrina Kaif took to Instagram with her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala to demonstrate how Pilates can help you stay fit during the lockdown. 

Known as the full-body workout method that can literally make everything better, Pilates helps your body by strengthening the core which is essentially the very basic that you need to work on in order to improve your flexibility, mobility, and posture. Named after Joseph Pilates who invented the method, it was initially named Contrology, which sounds like an apt name given the power it gives you to literally transform your body and achieving custom fitness goals exactly how you seek them. 

However, while we don’t shy away from trying out all kinds of workouts at home, there is a certain kind of forbidding air around the idea that keeps so many restrained from giving it a go at home. It might have a little to do with the elaborate Pilates equipment that you see celebs using every now and then on social media. Truth be told, you don’t always need specialised equipment to try Pilates and can easily do it home given that you take inspiration from the right sources. 

Intrigued by the coolest workout trend across the world right now? Us too! We have curated a list of YouTube tutorials that will help you try on some Pilates and add variety to your lockdown workout routine. Scroll through:

Basic Principles

Pilates remains intimidating because we are mostly unaware of its basic principles thus it only makes sense that we first understand the very basics that make this workout routine all that it is. Also, it is always advisable to start with the basics of any workout routine of physical activity that you plan to get into. Here’s a video that will guide you:

A Quick Update Right After You Are Through With The Basics

Once you have understood the basics, putting them into use sounds like the perfect next step that you should be taking. Here’s a Pilates tutorial that’ll guide you through a full-body workout while helping you with information on how each one of the Pilates basics is put in good use.

From The Authority On All Things Pilates In India

Having trained some of the leading Bollywood ladies including Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and Katrina Kaif, Yasmin Karachiwala is literally the authority on everything Pilates in India. Thus, there is just no way our list gets complete sans some of her bomb moves. This tutorial will help you with her “Super 5” moves:

For Days When You Want To Go All In

Learned the basics, tried on a few basics, and finally, willing to go all out with a full-blown session? Trifecta Pilates shows you how to have a terrific Pilates session that would break you into a satisfying sweat. Here you go:

For A Laidback Day

But then again, we all have the kind of days when working out feels like the biggest task ever. However, instead of skipping on your workout might we suggest something else: try on a gentle session that’ll help you rejuvenate the right way. Here’s what you need for the dull days:

For The Work From Home Fam

With the lockdown in effect, the majority of us happen to work from home right now. And while it might have a few perks, it also comes with its downside, lack of proper sitting and the consequent posture issues being the common ones. Well, fret not because we got you covered. This Pilates tutorial will keep you sorted:

For A Fab Core And Cardio Sesh

In the mood to feel the burn? Here’s a total body workout that will take care of all your cardio and core needs:

Pilates For Flexibility

Always watch in amazement when your favourite B-town celebs stretch their bodies like there are no bones during the workout? Well, with continued practice and sustained efforts you too can be as flexible as them. Here’s something to start with:

For Killer Abs

Don’t we all envy Katrina’s fabulous washboard abs? Here’s a tutorial that will help you set those abs on fire:

For Some Thunder Thighs And A Chiseled Booty

Now, who doesn’t loves a set of nicely chiseled legs and glutes? Here’s how to to get the perfectly toned lower body with Pilates:

So, peeps, all set for some body contouring? 

Featured Image: Instagram 

27 May 2020

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