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No More Lopsided Wings! 10 Eyeliner Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Lining our eyes is the most basic of makeup routines. It’s what every girl relies on when she wants a no-makeup day but still wants to add a dash of magic to her look.

However, shaky hands and wonky cat-eyes can really interfere with defining our eyes with flair. So, forget about getting late for work again because you’ve spent ages getting that perfectly straight line.

We give you some awesome eyeliner hacks that’ll ensure you never leave the house without fabulously lined eyes ever again.

1. White Liner Is a Power Tool


A white eye pencil is one secret weapon to have in your makeup pouch that can instantly brighten your peepers. You can use it right under your brow and glide it along its length to define it and help make your eyes pop. You can also use it along your upper lashline and smudge to make your eyes look bigger and your lashes longer, as well as along the inner rims of your lower lash line to immediately make your eyes look more awake, brighter and fresher.

2. Use an Eye Pencil For Beginners

If you’re new to winged eyeliner and are just too shaky for liquid and gel liners, try using an eye pencil instead. They’re less intimidating, easier to control and mistakes can be smudged off more easily. You can also use it as a base and then go over the lines you’ve drawn with a liquid liner.

3. The Business Card Trick

If you’re still having difficulty, take a business card and hold up the edge diagonally against the corner of your eye. Trace your eyeliner wings along the edge of the card and just connect them to the lines on the rest of your eyes.

4. Do The Same With Scotch Tape

scotch tape eyeliner
Image: erinashleymakeup.com 

Just like with a business card, take a 1-inch long piece of scotch tape and stick it diagonally against the corners of your eyes. Once, you’ve drawn your wings along the edges of it, carefully peel off the tape and connect your wings to your lines.

5. Chin Up For Symmetrical Flicks

Getting your dramatic wings to match on both sides is probably the toughest part of doing a sultry cat eye. One trick to try is to tilt your chin up, by looking down at the mirror you will have a clearer view of the angle of the flicks you’re drawing. Use a Q-tip to clean up and neaten your wings.

6. Use Concealer To Make It Last

Using a brush, blend on some concealer as close to your lash line as possible before gliding on your eyeliner. This will help keep it in place all day long.

7. It’s All About Triangles

Triangle eyeliner
Image: emmasaurusofficial.wordpress.com 

One easy way of looking at it is by just drawing a tiny triangle on your upper corners and filling it in. It’s that simple!

8. Make Your Eye Shadow POP

To really enhance your colour and make it extra vibrant, first dust on some white eye shadow onto your lid, which creates a neutral canvas for your eye shadow and helps make the colour pop.

9. If A Straight Line Is Too Tricky

Instead of drawing one shaky line, try dotting your lash line instead (you can try short strokes as well) and then simply connecting dots.

10. Ombre Eyes

ombre eyeliner

Image: drugstoreprincess.com

This fairly easy trick brings a refreshing twist to your usual eyeliner routine. Just start lining your eyes from the inner corners till about three-fourth of the length with a lighter eyeliner like white. Next, line the outside corner and continue till about the middle of your eye with another shade like blue, purple or green. Use a brush to blend both shades at the middle to remove any definite lines and give it that ombre effect.

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06 May 2016

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