10 Cute Mugs Every Coffee Lover Needs In Their Life

Niyati BudhirajaNiyati Budhiraja  |  May 24, 2018
10 Cute Mugs Every Coffee Lover Needs In Their Life

Doesn’t the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a big mug (because no amount of coffee is too much) pump life into you and help you fight morning blues? Well, then you’re undoubtedly a coffee lover. There’s nothing a sip of coffee can’t fix. Apart from the numerous health benefits it has, it is the perfect beverage on a cold winter morning and even for the times, you’re trying to stay up late to finish your pending assignments.

If you’re someone you can’t start their day without a cup of coffee, then we have some cute mugs for you that will make you want to sip some more.

1. A Coffee A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


A few daily cups of the intense brew can be part of a healthy lifestyle. So, don’t pop pills, instead fill up your cup with coffee and let it play your doctor.

Price: ₹ 799. Buy it here.

2. Coffee Kahaan Hai?


Work? Check. Deadlines? Check. Stress? Check. But where’s the coffee? This cup is for all the coffee addicts, who can’t function without coffee.

Price: ₹ 299. Buy it here.

3. Minion Mania


Here’s some good news for both Minion fans and coffee lovers. Because you’re ‘One in a Minion.’  

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

4. Lights. Camera. Coffee!


If you’re an avid photographer, we have the coolest camera lens for you. This mug will be your best buy. So, click some and sip some!

Price: ₹ 699. Buy it here.

5. For All The Potterheads


What could be better than having your favourite beverage while you embrace your fandom for the Harry Potter series?  

Price: ₹ 249. Buy it here.

6. Secret Of Success


Man or woman, the secret behind success in everyone’s life is a hot cup of coffee. So, grab this big black mug and sip as much brew as you wish to!

Price: ₹ 499. Buy it here.

7. For New Beginnings


With an earthen look and a motivation to make you achieve new milestones everyday, this mug is perfect for those who like to stir their coffee before taking the first sip.

Price: ₹ 2,000. Buy it here.

8. It’s Going To Be A Rainbow And Unicorns Kind Of Day


Be a unicorn in a world full of horses! This super cute mug is for all those who love to keep calm and be a unicorn.

Price: ₹ 899. Buy it here.

9. Hustle With The Muscle


Coffee helps you burn fat, lose weight and boost physical performance. For all fitness freaks, this muscle mug is the perfect fit and motivator.

Price: ₹ 799. Buy it here.

10. DoNut Touch My Coffee


Don’t a hot cappuccino and delicious donut make the best pair ever? They complement each other like Yin and Yang. Buy this adorable mug before you order your box of donuts.

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.