10 Skincare Products Your Combination Skin Will Love!

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 11, 2021
10 Skincare Products Your Combination Skin Will Love!


A little tip to dealing with combination skin: you have to be open to trying products formulated for different skin types. According to its characteristics, combination skin type has both dry and oily areas. This means you will be baffled by the type of skincare products you ought to choose and if you get it wrong, you will end up with breakouts too. As tricky as it sounds, I finally managed to find products that actually work for my combination skin type and that is only after trying numerous skincare products that all of which were hits and misses. Here’s a list of skincare items that work for combination skin so that you no longer have to go through a trial and error phase.

Best Skincare Items For Combination Skin Type

A selection of skincare products that work well for combination skin.


For Some Soothing Action

The Manish Malhotra Cinnamon Ginger Night Gel is one of the best face gels to soothe combination skin types no matter what the weather is like. Apply a generous amount and all of it gets quickly absorbed by the skin with no problem. It especially comes in handy for times when your skin feels inflamed.

To Balance With Cuteness

The MaskerAide Sweet Retreat Mask is a set of cute dessert printed sheet masks that can be applied to your face like patches. They thoroughly hydrate the skin and even out skin tone,  allowing you to multi-mask your combination skin type like a total queen.

For All Your Skin Concerns

A good retinol serum is a must-have in your beauty arsenal and this one by PIXI is perfect for combination skin. The quick-absorbing formula leaves no trace on your skin.  Pat it on at night and layer over a moisturiser to hydrate your skin while the retinol does its job. 

The Rich Cream That Treats Your Senses

Infused with hyaluronic acid and okra, this cream moisturiser gets absorbed into your skin and softens it to prevent signs of ageing. The rich texture is lightweight on the skin and helps boost your natural radiance.

To Detoxify On The Regular

You need one good detoxifying clay mask to rely on for some deep cleaning action. This activated charcoal face pack is perfect to keep your skin clear and free of blackheads. 

In Times Of Skin Trouble

When you do break out, a calming acne-fighting serum is your best bet to deal with it. This zit fix serum instantly soothes skin and is weightless, allowing you to easily layer on a moisturiser after it to further protect your skin.

The Go-To Makeup Remover

Move over micellar water and opt for a cleansing oil like this one from Kiehl’s. This will gently cleanse your skin without irritating it and remove all traces of makeup and other impurities.

Take your pick from this essential skincare list and tell us what you think about it.

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