Play Up Your Pucker With Makeup: 6 Lip Shapes & How To Enhance Them!

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Eyes might be the windows to your soul but more often than not, we’re content to let our lips do the talking. While eye makeup might seem like stuff reserved for the pros, a swipe of lipstick is the easiest way to up your beauty game (and mood). While your lip shape is largely based on your genes, you can play up your pucker with makeup, case in point: beauty mogul Kylie Jenner. The reality TV star spent years overlining her lips to get the desired shape and to be honest, she did kind of kickstart the whole trend. 

In this story, we’re going to discuss all types of lip shapes and how you can rope in simple and basic makeup products to make them look flawless! Of course, all lip shapes are perfect lip shapes but this is just so you know how to play yours up!

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    6 Types Of Lip Shapes & How To Play Them Up

    Wide Lips


    Do people often tell you that you tend to smile cheek to cheek? If yes, you have a wide smile which means you have wide lips. Celebrate! Other people with similar types of lips are supermodel Bella Hadid and actor Julia Roberts.

    What to do: To reduce the width of your lips, you can overline the centre portion of your pout with a darker lip liner. Then, slightly underline the rest of your pout with the same lip liner and fill it in! If you want to work your natural lip shape, we suggest going ombre with two coordinating lipstick shades. Use the lighter shade all over your pout and then, using a small brush, line your lips using the darker shade. Blend the two together and you’ll have full lips + more height!


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    Thin Lips


    If your top and bottom lips are both thin, you have a slim pout! Some celebrities who share your lip shape are Gossip Girl star Blake Lively and F.R.I.E.N.D.S fave, Jennifer Aniston.

    What to do: If you want to fake fullness, there are multiple ways to do so. Rope in a lip plumping gloss like the Too Faced Injection. This will temporarily plump them up! Then overline for full lips. Start by using concealer all over your lips. Blend it out using a damp sponge and then use a darker lip liner to define your lips. Take a matte lipstick and use it in the centre of your lips. Blend the edges with your lip liner and top off with a clear gloss. This will make your lips look x2 as full! 


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    Top-heavy Lips


    One way to figure out if you have top-heavy lips is to take a mirror and get real close: does your upper lip look larger than the bottom one? If yes, you have a heavier and fuller upper lip. That just means if you want, you can give your lower lip some extra loving and accentuate it some more to balance it out. Apart from Bhumi, supermodel Gigi Hadid, and pop sensation Selena Gomez share your lip shape.

    What to do: Do the opposite of what you would do if you had a fuller bottom lip. Slightly overline your thinner bottom lip with a nude pencil. 


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    Bottom-heavy Lips


    If your bottom lip is fuller compared to the top, you have bottom-heavy lips. Apart from actor Anushka Sharma, you can look at actor Emma Watson and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for some lip inspo.

    What to do: If you want to define your bottom lip even more, use a darker nude lip liner to accentuate it. On the flip side, if you want to balance out the fullness of your lip (compared to the top) use the nude pencil to slightly overline the top lip. 


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    Round Lips


    If your lips are nearly the same width and height, then you have round lips. Even your cupid’s bow probably isn’t too pronounced, right? For lip inspiration, look at actors Sonakshi Sinha, Jennifer Lawrence and singer Taylor Swift.

    What to do: A touch of gloss in the centre of your lips can make them appear fuller and plush. If you want to create a faux elongated effect, you can rope in a lip liner to get the look. Slightly overline the outer portion of your upper and lower lip with a slightly-darker-than-nude liner. Fill it in with a nude lipstick and you’re set!

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    Heart-shaped Lips


    If your lips are voluminous, all-around pillowy and have a prominent cupid’s bow, congratulations, you have heart-shaped lips! If Rihanna’s major lip looks aren’t enough beauty inspo, you can also take notes from Kylie Jenner who is infamous for her full lips.

    What to do: To really enhance your lips, pop some highlighter on your cupid’s bow and swipe on some lipstick! That’s it. Your lips will do all the talking!

    Make Up

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    What should my lip care routine look like?

    The first step is to remove and get rid of any lip gloss, liner and lipstick formula from your pout. Use an oil and then a gentle cleanser to do this. Then, take a lip scrub and gently slough off the dead skin. Apply a lip mask and let it sit overnight. If you have dry lips, during the day, make sure you use a lip balm that is rich in beeswax, honey and other nourishing ingredients or a hydrating lip oil.

    How can I change my lip shape?

    You can temporarily change your lip shape using lip plumping products like glosses and lipsticks. Find a hyaluronic-acid formula that hydrates lips and makes them look fuller.

    How do I know my lip type?

    Get a mirror and hold it close to your face. Without smiling, take a good long look at your mouth. If both your lips are slim, you have thin lips. If your upper lip is heavier than your bottom you have top-heavy lips and the reverse applies for bottom-heavy lips.

    Do I need SPF for my lips as well?

    Yes! To protect your lips from sun damage (pigmentation and wrinkling), you need to use an SPF lip balm. Choose lip balms that are SPF 15 or higher and contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera, petrolatum, coconut oil and shea butter.

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    Could you figure out which type of lips you have? Tell us in the comments!

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