This Everyday Lip Care Routine Will Make Your Pout Juicy & Oh-So-Kissable!

This Everyday Lip Care Routine Will Make Your Pout Juicy & Oh-So-Kissable!

I don't know who needs to hear this, but your lips deserve the same amount of attention as your skin. True, your lips may not have sweat glands like your skin, but if neglected, they can chap and peel. Let's not forget the bleeding and pain that follows soon after. For a smoother, softer pout, you should get on a lip care routine immediately. Today, you're going to learn how to pamper your lips! Shall we begin?

Your Everyday Lip Care Routine For Baby Soft Lips

Pucker up, buttercup!


1. Exfoliate The Lips

You can either invest in a lip scrub or a lip mask. A lip scrub delivers instant results, while a lip mask takes time to remove dead skin cells. If you prefer the natural route, you can also make a DIY lip scrub at home using brown sugar, honey and vanilla essence. Generously apply the lip scrub on the pout and with a clean toothbrush, massage the lips in a circular motion. Not only will this promote blood circulation, but also remove dead skin. 

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2. Coat Your Pout With Lip Balm

By now, your lips may look clean and free from dead skin, but if you look closer, they appear dry and dehydrated. You need a lip balm in your life STAT. The product will heal, soothe and moisturise dry lips. Invest in one that hydrates the skin and leaves behind a subtle wash of colour


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3. Finish It Off With Some Lip Oil

Now that your lips are moisturised and hydrated, apply lip oil over your balm to lock in the moisture. The glossy texture of the oil will make your lips look plump and juicy. If you don't have a lip oil product at home, no worries, you can get the job done by using coconut oil, jojoba oil or rosehip oil. 

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Just like your skin, the lips are prone to moisture loss. Along with these three tiny steps, make sure that you hydrate plenty, avoid licking and biting your lips and stay away or cut down on smoking. Chapped lips are not only an instant indicator that your lips are dry, but that your body is dehydrated as well.

The same rules apply to when you remove your lipstick. If the lipstick formula is matte, it's going to definitely dry out your lips. You can skip the lip scrubbing step here, but not the lip balm and lip oil. Those two steps are responsible for improving the texture of the lips. Good luck!

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