Raw Milk Is The Latest DIY Skincare Fad That Everyone Is Obsessed With & Here's Why

raw milk skincare ingredient

Just a month ago, Mira Kapoor revealed her tried and tested DIY recipes for radiant skin. In one of her DIYs, she confessed that both she and her mom use raw milk as a natural toner. Apparently, raw milk helped to hydrate and freshen up her complexion. As strange as this sounds, raw milk does have the power to soothe inflamed skin and mildly exfoliate it. 

Cool Fact: Today milk is listed as one of the key ingredients in beauty products. You will find it in soaps, moisturisers, lotions, shampoos, bath bombs, and more. What makes raw milk so special as a beauty ingredient? Let's find out! 

Say Hello To The Latest Skincare Fad- Raw Milk!


A single drop of milk is rich in Vitamins A, D, and lactic acid. While Vitamin A helps to stimulate collagen production, Vitamin D helps to soothe inflamed skin. And you know what lactic acid does for the skin, right? It mildly exfoliates it by buffing away dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of dark spots. Not to mention, the fat found in milk keeps the skin moist, nourished, and hydrated. 

Whether you use donkey, cow, camel, or goat's milk, either of them will work for your skin. The fatty acids in them help to restore and repair the skin's barrier. An interesting fact to take note of is that human skin shares the same pH as goats. Hence goat's milk agrees most of the time with all skin types. 


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If you're a vegan or lactose intolerant, you don't need milk derived from animals. Plant-based milk will work just fine. In fact, soy milk is rich in Vitamin E, and almond milk is loaded with Vitamin B, C, and E. Both milk types help to repair the skin's barrier and reduce acne. To treat rosacea or fade away blemishes, coconut oil works wonders. 


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To be on the safe side, whichever milk you use, be it derived from plants or animals, always do a patch test. If your skin flares up or starts to itch after applying milk, wash it off immediately. 

If you're unsure of how to use raw milk as a toner, take a cue from our Senior Beauty Writer, Drishti Kapadia. She's gonna make you fall in love with raw milk!

Raw milk Vs milk skincare products - which do you think is better? We'd love to know about your experience with either of them! 

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