A Detangling Hairbrush Is The Answer To All Your Knotty Hair Woes & Here's Why

A Detangling Hairbrush Is The Answer To All Your Knotty Hair Woes & Here's Why

We've all done it- brushed our damp hair to get rid of stubborn tangles and knots. Even though deep down, most of us know that it's really bad for the hair, yet we're not sure if we should stop or not because detangling the hair is such a pain. So, what should we do?

There's one simple solution- comb your hair thoroughly before taking a shower. However, even after doing so, a few knots will be formed when you're massaging the shampoo into your scalp. That's where a detangling brush comes in... to solve all your knotty hair woes!

Let's Talk About Detangling Brushes


Whether you're looking for a hair product to detangle your thick/curly mane or just making sure that you barely have any knots to untangle when you're drying your hair, a detangling brush is your answer to a smoother, more manageable, and tangle-free mane.

What's A Detangling Brush?

In simple words, a detangling brush is exactly what it implies- a brush designed to detangle the hair. Unlike your regular combs or hairbrushes, it helps removes knots from the hair without tugging or pulling at it. Therefore, minimal hair damage.


Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Detangling Hairbrush - Gold Leaf

INR 1,400 AT Tangle Teezer

How to Use A Detangling Brush?

Exactly how you use your regular hair brush! But there's a surprise- you can totally use it on wet hair too! Most of the detangling brushes are tiny, hand-hand brushes, and very easy to use.

Here's how:

Way 1: After shampooing your hair, squeeze out the extra water. Next, part your hair using your fingers and start combing through. You can also apply some conditioner or hair cream on your brush and then comb through to add an extra layer of protection.

Way 2: Untie your hair and part them into 2-3 sections and start combing from top to bottom. If required, use a detangling spray before using your detangling brush (especially if you have really curly hair).


LOreal Paris Dream Lengths Shampoo

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Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush - Classic Blue (Thick Hair)

INR 1,420 AT Michel Mercier

Benefits Of A Detangling Brush

By now, we bet you've already added at least one detangling brush to your cart. But if you still want more reasons why they are about to become your hair's new BFF, then keep on reading...

1) Easy To Use: Detangling brushes are so easy to use. Just open your hair and let the game of untangling your mane begin!

2) Pain-Free: They are carefully designed to ensure the tooth of the brush doesn't get stuck in knots. So when you're brushing your hair, you'll hardly feel the pain.

3) Saves Time: Since you can totally use your detangling brush in the shower, it definitely saves a lot of time!

4) Versatile: There are a lot of options available in the market for every hair type possible. From palm-sized brushes to proper big ones- no one can choose just one.

5) Minimum Hair Damage: Detangling brushes are super gentle on the hair. They not only reduce the amount of pressure applied to the hair but also reduces the chances of splits ends and hair fall.



Sacred Salts Hair Detangling Brush with Rubber Black-7 Row Vented Hairbrush

INR 599 AT Sacred Salts

What are you waiting for? Get, set and detangle thy mane!

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