8 Hilarious Beauty Struggles That All Of Us Have Faced At Least Once

8 Hilarious Beauty Struggles That All Of Us Have Faced At Least Once

If you're someone who loves the world of beauty, then you know all about the struggles we'll be talking about today. From having glitter everywhere in the room after trying an eye makeup look to having panda eyes after rubbing your lids with liner on, these situations are not fun. 

To commemorate the hilarious beauty situations we all face, we have compiled a list of beauty struggles. Be prepared to LOL loud.

Hilarious Beauty Struggles

If you live and breathe beauty, then you are going to love these hilarious beauty struggles that we bet all of us have experienced at least once at some point in our lives.

Removing Glitter Polish

Applying glitter polish is the easiest way to dazzle our nails but it is super tricky to remove, right? 

It takes twice as much cotton pads to remove it, especially the glitter chunks. On the plus side, it is a great arm workout, right?

Applying A Liquid Lipstick

Applying a liquid lipstick can be intimidating, especially if you only use bullet lipsticks.

"How much product to take?", "How to spread it all over the lips?", "Why isn't the product moving properly?"-- we've all been there!

Losing Your Lip Balm

Admit it- we all have multiple lip balms at different places. One in our go-bags, one in our car, one in our office makeup bag, and so on. And losing any one of those can cause chaos as you gotta switch lip balms all over again.


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Keeping Up With The Waxing Appointments

If waxing is your go-to method of removing unwanted hair, then you know the struggles that come with it.

You gotta have some 'acceptable growth before they can be pulled out mercilessly by your parlour wali didi but that same growth is 'too much' when it comes to wearing a short skirt. Seriously, what does a girl gotta do?

Wearing Gloss On A Windy Day

Haven't you heard, lip glosses are back on trend! As much as we love adding a glorious shine to our pout, it turns into a beauty nightmare when our hair starts sticking to our gloss, especially on a super windy day.

Sticking To One Skincare Routine

Skincare is subjective as everyone has a dedicated skincare routine which may or may not work for anybody else. But with so many new products being released every day, we are spoilt for choice.

Let's not forget about the skincare trends! Just when I was getting a hang of perfecting the 'glass skin', 'skinimalism & Cocooning' are already making waves in the skincare community.

Breaking A Nail

Breaking a nail is worse than heartbreak and no, you cannot @ me! Not only you have to cut all your nails short to match the 'traitor' it also changes the whole vibe, right?

Finding The Right Shade Online

Shopping for any makeup online is super tricky as its really hard to match the 'digital shades'. What may look like a pink lipstick with cool undertones could actually be a neon lipstick. The same goes for a foundation as well. Matching your shade online is a difficult task and often leads to disappointment.

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PS: We hope you were wearing waterproof mascara while reading these!

Featured Image: Pexels.com