10 Everyday Beauty Struggles Us Girls Know ALL Too Well!

10 Everyday Beauty Struggles Us Girls Know ALL Too Well!
There are beauty problems - and then there are beauty problems so severe that they turn into actual life problems. Presenting a few of those - if you’re a girl, we betyou’ve wanted to ask the world at least five of these questions!

1. How to keep my kajal on when...

My skin loves it more than my eyes do?

beauty problems

2. How to keep my lipstick on when...

Sabzi is my enemy?

beauty problems 2

3. How to wax regularly when...

Half my hair grows slower than the other half?

beauty problems 3

4. How to get defined eyebrows…

When the parlour lady couldn’t even get them to match each other?

beauty problems 4

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5. How to have great hair when...

More of it is on my hairbrush than on my head?

beauty problems 5

6. How to not get clumpy mascara when...

My lashes believe they're best friends who should never be separated from each other?

beauty problems 6

7. How to have flawless skin when…

My face produces enough oil to keep a small country running?

beauty problems 7

8. How to get perfect nails…

When my left hand doesn’t paint as good as my right one?

beauty problems 8

9. How to look fresh when…

My under-eyes feel bad that there aren't enough pandas in the world and that they should show support?

beauty problems 9

10. How to get the “no makeup” makeup look when…

It needs more makeup products than I own?

beauty problems 10

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