Disco Makeup Is Witnessing A Comeback & We're Totally Here For It!

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If all things glitz and glamour is your thing, then disco makeup is going to be right up your alley. Think bedazzled lids, jewelled-tones and super smokey eyes, and a nude lip to tie the look together- sounds great, right? Inspired by the supermodels of the '70s, we're seeing this over-the-top makeup trend making a strong comeback on the red carpet (think Dua Lipa at the 2021 Grammy's) as well as the runway. At Chanel's Fall/Winter 2021 show, we saw models sashaying down the runway wearing shades of grey and black eyeshadow, carefully blended out into a smokey eye.

The best part about disco makeup is the fact that it is super mask-friendly. The focus is on the eyes and while the lips are fairly pared back, they're always painted with some nude colour. So, if you're on the lookout for some beauty inspiration for your next outing (or just to sit down in your living room), here are 5 makeup looks we're loving!

Here are 5 ways to wear disco makeup without looking like you've been in a glitter explosion...

Stars, Sparkle And Shine

Can't get enough of silver eyeshadow? Use it liberally on your lids. Then, to give your eyes a more lifted effect, apply it in an upward direction towards your brows. Top it off with some silver rhinestones and chunky star sequins and you're set. To stick the stars in place, use lash glue. 

Warning: Only try this look if you're going to be careful about not rubbing your eyes. Seriously, the sequins can hurt the delicate skin around your eyes if you're not careful!

Make Up

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Glittery Pink Eyeshadow

For the 2021 Grammy, makeup artist Samantha Lau layered on hot pink, sparkly eyeshadow carefully on Dua's lids. Once you've got the desired colour payoff, press some pink glitter in the center of your lids for extra shine and sparkle. Put on some voluminous lashes and some black eyeliner and you're set.


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Rhinestone Magic

If an ethereal disco look is on your mind, this makeup look certainly fits the theme. Tightline your upper lid with black eyeliner and be sure to extend it to the inner corner of your eye. Use a navy blue pencil to draw winged eyeliner and place some rhinestones under your brow bone. Skip highlighting the area under your brow bone, the crystals will attract plenty of attention!



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Colourblock With Shimmer

Using two colours of glitter on your lids screams fun, am I right? Plus, this statement-making, disco makeup look is ideal for when blending your eyeshadow feels like a chore. Apply some lash/glitter glue on your lids and wait for it to get tacky (30 seconds should do the trick). Then, layer on some loose glitter. For best results, finish one section of your eye first and then do the second half.


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A Touch Of Glamm

This disco look combines two of the '70s greatest trends: floating eyeliner and embellished makeup. Use crystals or sequins in the inner corner of your eye and extend them to the center of your crease. Go for dramatic winged eyeliner from the middle of your crease to the outer corner of your eye. Don't forget to smoke out your lower lash line with some black eyeshadow. Really pack it on because the rule here is, more is more!


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Do you love or hate the disco look? Tell us your thoughts!

Featured image: Instagram