I Tried Glitter Eyeliner & I'm Totally Obsessing Over It!

I Tried Glitter Eyeliner & I'm Totally Obsessing Over It!

I am a 20 something girl who keeps her makeup tricks stowed away for special occasions. But I do have my phases when I am obsessing over certain trends. Some examples from the past being the red lips, the pink everything phase and the perfectly blow dried hair phase among others. But recently I got my hands on this glitter eyeliner and I have never been more fascinated in my life.

1 glitter eyeliner

I recently bought KIKO Milano’s glitter eyeliner and I am declaring it- it’s become my best friend these days! It’s an eyeliner gel with glitter with glide-on application. I have experimented with it in two different ways- first being just two sweeps of the liner and the other as a top coat above the black eyeliner and in both cases it gives me that gleaming look. It not only makes me look fab but brightens up my day. Everything feels better with an amazing eyeliner look, right?

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Honestly, I can’t imagine that a purchase which happened quite innocently has now become an obsession. I wear it for parties, weddings and even for casual outings with friends. Just two sweeps of the product gives me that perfect mix of elegance and quirkiness. I have always wanted to look like this and it’s truly a dream come true. Now with the wedding season coming up, I just can’t wait to wear it and shine.

So girls, remember that beauty is neither standard not generic. We must never be afraid to try new things because we stand out when we are different. So try it and get set to glam!

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