#POPxoReviews: I Tried This Rihanna-Approved Eyeliner Trend & Oh Boy, it BLUE My Mind!

#POPxoReviews: I Tried This Rihanna-Approved Eyeliner Trend & Oh Boy, it BLUE My Mind!
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Definitely BLUE my mind!

When it comes to defining my eyes, I always rely on my good ol' kajal. Whether it's my waterline or on my lids, a black liner makes me feel powerful and pretty at the same time.

However, after using it time and time again, I wanted a little change in my beauty routine so, I decided to experiment with colours. Taking inspiration from queen Rihanna and her blue reverse cat-eye look, I knew I had to get my hands on a bold blue shade, STAT! After a quick Google search, I think I found the perfect colour that I was looking for and today, I'm reviewing it for all of you.

Time to check out the MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil, Slay.

What Is It?

POPxo Exclusive
LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil - Slay
INR 445 AT MyGlamm

The LIT Matte eyeliner Pencil, Slay is definitely not your average, boring eyeliner. It is a bright blue shade that will surely turn a few heads wherever you go. Apply it on your waterline or even on the top of your lids for the cat-eye of your dreams!

Priced at only Rs 445, it definitely deserves a place in your vanity as it is insanely pigmented and glides on like a dream. Be it a date night with bae or even while running errands, this will really make a staatement.

Why Do We Love It?

Would you look at the colour? What's not to love?

Since it is a bright blue shade, it should definitely be on your #summerapproved makeup list! Just one swipe is all it takes to make your makeup look vivid and bright. 


Colour pay off - 8/10

Long-Lasting- 8/10

Texture- 9/10

Packaging- 8/10

Formula- 9/10

How To Use It?

Just how you would use any other eyeliner pencil. Remove the lid and start creating some art on your eyes. Use it as blue kajal or eyeliner or even to overline your lips if blue lipsticks are your thang.

What Does The Product Look Like?

No more midweek blues, right?

Featured Image: Author's Own