Hyped Or Legit? Here's How You Can Find Out If Your Skincare Products Actually Work

Hyped Or Legit? Here's How You Can Find Out  If Your Skincare Products Actually Work

Skincare dominated the beauty market last year and continues to do so even in 2021. Due to this new beauty obsession, there has been an influx in skincare products that has got people going gaga over them. But when it comes to skincare, it’s not about who endorses it or the attractive packaging. For the product to actually heal your skin ailments, it needs the right kind of ingredients. While this is pretty logical, unfortunately not many brands follow this. So if you’ve been wondering why a particular product isn’t working, well, this could be one of the reasons.

So how do you pick the right skincare product for your skin type? Well, instead of looking at the celebrity or influencer endorsing it or scrolling through beauty publications, here’s how you can find out if your skincare products are legit.


Look For Products With Transparent Percentages

The best way to find out if the product claims are true is by checking the ingredient percentage. Skincare products that have their ingredient percentage on the labels help you decide and understand the percentages of actives and how your skin might respond to the product. For example, the percentage of retinol or other AHAs which will help treat your skin issues. Sometimes brands can also be misleading in how they promote their products so the best way to figure out if the product claims are true is by checking the label.


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Check The Ingredient List

Every brand is required to put their ingredients on the product label ranging from highest to lowest. While the exact percentage is unknown, this still gives you a hint about what active ingredients are present in those fancy skincare products and if they are worth your time. So before you decide to empty out your bank account on a trendy product, be sure to first do thorough research on the ingredients and their benefits.

Look For Consumer Perception And Clinical Studies

Instead of following influencers who swear by certain skincare products, read into consumer perception studies or clinical studies. Since these reports aren’t based on paid promotions, you can trust the inputs given here and can expect results. While consumer perception studies include subjects taking home the products, testing it out and then giving their feedback, in clinical studies, on the other hand, the consumer is studied by an expert who grades the progress.

Your skin should be your topmost priority, so be sure to do your research before purchasing any skincare product. 

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