Say Adios To Acne Scars: These Treatments Will Leave You With Clear Skin

Say Adios To Acne Scars: These Treatments Will Leave You With Clear Skin

As if acne and pimples weren’t troublesome enough, as we get older, they also leave behind marks and pigmentation. Those who suffer from adult acne know this struggle all too well, and the battle for clear, glowing skin is long, tiring and never-ending. And given that face masks have become the new norm, the mixture of trapped sweat and bacteria has led to the growth of maske which has affected even those who have never had to deal with acne before.

The good news is that these marks and spots are treatable, and you don’t need to go through life with your head down. To help you out, we’ve noted down a few in-office and at-home treatments that will help get rid off of these marks and fade away pigmentation.

What Causes Acne Scars?

When bacteria, oils and dead skin fill up and inflame pores, it leads to acne and breakouts. Acne scars occur during the skin repair process when there is an inflammation of the acne blemishes. These blemishes can be small and heal fast or even spread to the surrounding tissue and cause either indentation on the skin or larger pigments on the surface of the skin. This is a normal part of the skin healing process and just ‘coz you have acne doesn’t mean it will scar.

Treatments For Acne Scars



Retinoid infused products work best at eliminating or reducing acne scars but since this is a very powerful ingredient, it is best to consult a professional first before using any product on your face. Retinoids help speed up the skin regeneration process, improve skin texture and reduce discolouration.

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Yes, this little product can do so much for your skin, that’s why it’s important to never leave the house without feeding your skin with its daily dose of SPF. When it comes to acne scars, the sun’s harmful UV rays can darken them and make them more noticeable.

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In-Office Procedures


If you are looking for a quick-fix solution, there are plenty of in-office treatments that will help get rid of the acne scars immediately. Some of them include:

Chemical peels: This process involves using strong acids to remove the top layer of the skin in order to reduce deeper scars.

Laser resurfacing: Just like chemical peels, laser resurfacing treatment also involves removing the top layer of the epidermis to reduce acne scars.

Micro-needling: This happens to be one of the new age methods of getting rid of acne scars. The doctor uses a small, handheld, needle-studded roller or handheld “pen” on the surface of the scar. This speeds up the healing process and increases collagen production.

Non-comedogenic Makeup

If you suffer from breakouts or acne scars, it’s important to monitor every product that goes on your face – this includes your makeup. If you are using products which have parabens and artificial oils in their ingredients on acne scars it could lead to further skin damage. Instead, switch to non-comedogenic or mineral makeup which won’t cause any further reaction.



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Change Your Diet


Aside from your topical treatments, what you consume also plays a big role when it comes to your skin. If you suffer from acne scars or pigmentation, increase your intake of H2O and avoid dairy or gluten products. These products can cause skin inflammation and even swelling.

With the right course of treatment, it is possible to bring back your clear, radiant complexion.

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