Eye Makeup 101: Create The Illusion Of Bigger Eyes With These Simple Tips

eye makeup

Can’t seem to nail a particular makeup look, even though you followed every step correctly? Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Everyone’s facial features are different, so a particular makeup look that works for one person might not create the same magic on the other. This is especially true when it comes to eye makeup. There are different types of eye shapes and in order to nail that smokey eye or sexy cat-eye, you need to consider your eye shape and accordingly work around it. In this article, we’re going to be focusing on small eyes. 

While all eye shapes are beautiful, there’s no denying that big eyes make you look more awake. But just ‘coz you don’t have big eyes, doesn’t mean you can’t get them! Through the magic of makeup, you can create the illusion of bigger eyes by just making a few alterations to your eye makeup routine. We’ve listed down a few simple steps that will help make your eyes look bigger. 

Your Brows Count


Your brows play an important role in framing your entire face, regardless if you have big or small eyes. For those with small eyes, do not try the bold Cara Delevingne brows as your eyes may get lost under them. Instead, opt for medium-sized, feathery brows to make your eyes look bigger. 



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Eliminate Puffiness


Puffiness can make your eyes look smaller. Aside from trying to get a good night’s sleep, you can also pamper yourself twice a week with an under-eye mask. Wash your face often with cold water and use ice or cold tea bags to depuff your eyes. 

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Opt For Light Eyeshadow Shades


Yes, we are all tempted to create the perfect smokey eye but this eye makeup look can make your eyes look smaller. Use neutral tones instead, to create the illusion of bigger eyes. 


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Tightlining Is Your Friend


If you haven’t heard about tightlining, well let us enlighten you. This technique is all about using black eyeliner on your upper waterline to create the illusion of bigger eyes. This not only opens up small eyes but also makes your lashes look thicker. Follow it up with a thick coat of mascara.


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Use A White Liner On Your Bottom Lash Line

While you can use black liner on your upper waterline, for the lower one, opt for a lighter shade, most preferably white or cream. This will create the illusion of bigger, more awake eyes.


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Highlight The Inner Corners


Your highlighter is not only useful in getting that lit-from-within glow on your cheekbones. Just a dab of it on the inner corners of your eyes can instantly make your eyes look bigger. 



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Keep these tips in mind the next time you follow a YouTube makeup tutorial! 

Featured Image: Pexels