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Just Nail It! What Does Your Manicure Style Say About Your Personality?

Just Nail It! What Does Your Manicure Style Say About Your Personality?

If you want to know a little more about someone without striking up a conversation with them, then pay close attention to their nails. It's not just the choice of colour you should take note of, look at the design and detailing involved too! Believe it or not, but manicure styles can speak volumes about one's personality. Today, we're going to teach how to read people based on their manicure style.

What Does One's Manicure Style Say About Their Personality!

You're going to nail it! 

The Classic French Manicure

Women who get French manicures are women of taste and soul. She is elegant, neat and sophisticated. Just like her, her manicure style never goes out of fashion. She's also a minimalist at heart and likes to live a life without clutter. 

In-Your-Face Red Manicure

This woman is oozing with confidence and charisma. She knows what she wants and does not care about other people's opinions about her. She isn't afraid of speaking her mind, and when she does, she gets praised for it.

Delicate Petal Pink Manicure

She has a strong feminine side to her and carries herself with grace and poise. She is someone who people want to become when they grow up because of her elegant ways. Even though she appears fragile and soft-spoken, if you test her patience, she won't hesitate to put you in your place.

Gothic Black Manicure

Black nails do not translate to unapproachable. A woman who has them is a deep, wonderful soul. She takes time to warm up to people, but when she does, she will be a loyal friend for life. She's also someone who does not do drama. If that's all you're bringing to the table, she'll move on to greener pastures. 


Faces Splash Nail Enamel, Black Beauty

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Flashy Neon Manicure

A woman with bright nails has a bright personality as well. She's someone you'll find socializing at clubs and parties - like a social butterfly! She's also a very frank person and does not sugarcoat the truth. People often go to her for advice because she's so good at giving it! 

Plain Transparent Manicure

A woman wearing just a coat of transparent manicure has a no-fuss personality. She is practical and calculative. She attempts to look presentable, but never dresses to impress anyone. She loves herself and is comfortable in her own skin. 


MyGlamm LIT Nail Paint - Crushing

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Oh-Look-At-Me Metallic Manicure

Metallic colours are her thing. They give her a confidence boost and make her feel expensive. When she's upset, she'd rather let you talk to her nails than her face #SorryNotSorry

Reading people based on their manicure style is an art. We're sure you'll master it in time!

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