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Wait? What! Does Using A Toner On Your Armpits Actually Help In Reducing Body Odour?

Wait? What! Does Using A Toner On Your Armpits Actually Help In Reducing Body Odour?

Sweating is our body's natural way of keeping cool. But did you know that sweat by itself, sweat is odourless? It is only when it mixes with the bacteria on the skin does it cause the armpits to smell. While there's nothing we can do internally to reduce sweating, there are external ways of coping with it. No, we're not hinting at a deodorant, our bets are on a toner. 

Yes, you heard right. Some people have started using toners on their armpits to reduce body odour. While this may sound bizarre at first, all of it will make sense after you finish reading this story. Before we talk about how toners can be beneficial to your armpits, let's understand what a toner is first. 

What Is A Toner And Why You Need It In Your Life?

woman pouring toner onto cotton pad

A CTM routine would not be complete with a 'T' (toner) in the middle. In a nutshell, toners are skincare products that help to remove residue, dirt, gunk, and excess sebum post-cleansing. By removing dead skin cells and oils, the toner also makes it easier for other products to penetrate better into your skin. While the toner is used for the face, people have recently discovered an alternate purpose for it - which brings us to our next point.

How Can A Toner Reduce Body Odour?

Like it does for your face, a toner will cleanse and remove bacteria and dead skin buildup on the armpits as well. As mentioned previously, sweating by itself does not cause body odour, but the bacteria on the skin does. So, if you apply the same logic and use a toner on your armpits, it will deep clean the area and wipe away bacteria and dead skin cells.

Since the sweat on the armpits is less acidic, it creates an ideal environment for bacteria. Using a glycolic acid toner is a great way to exfoliate your underarms and destroy bacteria without disrupting the skin's pH levels.

How To Use Glycolic Toner On Your Underarms?

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The same way you apply toner to your face, do it for your armpits as well. We show you how:

Step 1: Pour some toner on a cotton pad. 


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Step 2: Gently sweep it over and around your armpit. 

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Step 3: Allow it to dry for 10 seconds and then layer it with deodorant. 




And you're done!

A word of caution: Please avoid using a toner on freshly waxed or shaved skin. It will not only create a burning sensation but can also cause rash and inflammation in the area because the skin is extra sensitive at that time. 

Apart from wiping away dead skin cells and bacteria, a toner also prevents ingrown hair and lightens hyperpigmentation. You've got to try it to believe it!

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