Dial K For Beauty: Korean Skincare Trends & Ingredients That Are Going To Be Big In 2021

Dial K For Beauty: Korean Skincare Trends & Ingredients That Are Going To Be Big In 2021

But first, skincare.

No conversation about skincare can ever be complete without mentioning Korean beauty and the impact it has had on shaping the industry today. And we bet you own at least one Korean skincare product that you cannot stop raving about.

Ever since the Korean skincare was introduced to the Indian skincare market, we have been spending money like we're Beyoncé. Thanks to Koreans and their fabulous skin, we now pay more attention to skincare products, ingredients, why certain ingredients deserve your money and attention.

If you're a K-beauty enthusiast, keep reading to know about the trends and ingredients we think are gonna be big next year!

Due to the global pandemic, the focus of beauty has shifted from makeup to skincare. And since the Koreans are ahead of their time, we're predicting that these trends are gonna be the next big thing(s) in 2021!

Pimple Patches

Maskne is a new term (and skincare woe) no one asked for. But thanks to covering our faces all the time, maskne too, has become the new normal. And if you are looking for a gentle solution to get rid of them, pimple patches is the way!

Koreans are well aware of the hydrocolloid-infused patches that can help reduce the size of a pimple overnight. Whether it's due to hormonal factors, wearing a mask all the time or simply adult acne, a pimple patch can help reduce the size of a pimple greatly.

And for those of you who are wondering what exactly hydrocolloid acid is--it is a popular ingredient that is used in medical dressings to prevent bacteria from entering the infected wound, while removing oil and pus. So hydrocolloid-infused patches work like a dream to clear out the pores while ensuring that your pimple is the last thing on your mind when you wake up.

Skin Care

Avarelle Acne Care Pimple Patch Absorbing Cover with Tea Tree and Calendula Oil

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Mugwort is probably one of the most famous Korean ingredients out there. It is commonly used in Korean medicine as it helps regulate menstrual cycles and eases muscle pain too. So you must be wondering, "How does this fit into the skincare industry?"

Mugwort has healing, detoxifying and antibacterial properties that make it a hero ingredient when it comes to fighting acne. This herb is also known for anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that also help relieve you of itchy skin.



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Snail Mucin

Also known as snail slime, snail mucin is the solution to keeping that skin forever young.

The mucous that a snail produces when it is moving is snail mucin. And before you go all like, "Ewwww" or "Wtf, I'm not putting that thing on my face!" here are some of its benefits that you need to know about: It moisturizes skin, boosts collagen, promotes cell regeneration and is loaded with Vitamins A and E.

It is a popular ingredient in K-Beauty products such as facial creams, sheet masks and essences as it also strengthens the skin's barrier, locks in the moisture and is a perfect skincare ingredient for the cold weather.

And in case you were wondering, no snails are harmed when their mucus is collected ❤️

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TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Snail Mask Sheet

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Thanks to TikTok, we are now seeing people using The Ordinary Niacinamide serum almost everywhere. But, what does niacinamide do?

It is a form of vitamin B that helps brighten up the skin's complexion, minimises pores, improves the appearance of fine lines and even helps reduce the appearance of acne. It is a popular choice of ingredient in K-Beauty products such as eye creams and essences.

It is really one of those ingredients that can benefit your skin in more ways than one. If you want to look airbrushed in your photos without using makeup, you need to add the miraculous power of niacinamide to your skincare regime!


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

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Noni is a fruit we bet you're going to see everywhere in 2021. Currently taking the Korean beauty world by storm, noni is what Koreans are talking about, and pretty soon, you will too.

It is a fruit that is found in Polynesia and the locals use it in medicines or even its juice. It has amazing antioxidant properties that help heal and repair the skin. It is also loaded with Vitamina A & C which our skin loves! So if you have problematic skin or just want your skin to glow, you have to try noni-infused products or simply drink its (super bitter) juice.


Kapiva Noni Juice

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Be ahead of time and start stocking up on these Korean must-haves!

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