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5 Super Interesting Facts That We Bet You Didn’t Know About Sleep

5 Super Interesting Facts That We Bet You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Have you ever wondered about how much sleep you get in your entire lifetime? Well, assuming you will live for 80 years, you nearly sleep for 33 of those. Yes! It’s true. So, it’s safe to say that you spend a lot of time on the bed. And besides sleeping, you also spend a lot of time eating, chilling, and watching TV on it. If you come to think about it, the amount of time that you spend with your bed is probably much more than the time you spend anywhere else. 

But did you know that there are certain things that you absolutely must not do when you’re on your bed?  

Things That You Should Not Do Once You’re In Bed

Read on to know how you can actually make your life better by making these little changes. 

Watching TV

Guilty as charged! We all love to watch TV when we’re on our bed but that habit is affecting our sleep quality. Even if you fall asleep watching TV, it does not guarantee a good night’s sleep. Deep sleep is very important for everyone, especially millennials who tend to juggle multiple tasks throughout the day. 


Dining tables exist for a reason. In order to make sure the food you eat is digested well, you must be seated in the right position. Slouching or lying down might seem comfortable, but it is not the right way to eat. Plus, nobody likes spilling curry on their bed.

Psst… we do think that it’s okay to grab some snacks for midnight munching every now and then, but be sure you don’t drop anything! You don’t want to sleep with germs, right? Speaking of germs, we know something that will make your life twice as easy. SleepX mattress is the new -age mattress designed for people like you and me, who love to grab a midnight snack every once in a while. It comes with a Neem Fresche technology that keeps the germs away from our bed. So, now you can tell those little creatures #NotInMyBed. Sounds awesome, right? So, say goodbye to the clingy fungus, the social bacteria and mighty dust mite

Watch this video to know more:


Ever since we have started working from home, staying in our PJs and wanting to lay around in bed has become a way of life. However, if there’s one thing that no one should do is work from their bed. One, you won’t be productive and two, the posture is extremely bad for your neck and back. Always have a designated working spot with a desk and a chair that not only supports your back but also improves your productivity. 

Checking your smartphone


You want a good night's sleep? You need to stop looking at any kind of screen be it your laptop, your phone or tab as soon as you sit on your bed. The bright screen lights signal your brain to stay awake, making it even harder for you to sleep well. 

Fighting with someone

You know what they say, you should never go to bed angry. It is not only good for your sleep patterns but also not a good habit in general. You want your bed to be your happy space, right? So, don’t fight with your partner, sibling or parent before you hit the hay--try to resolve your issues before you go to bed. 

Your bed is supposed to be your safe place and we want you to keep it free of germs (and negative thoughts) at all times. Sleeping on a germ-free SleepX mattress is as important as being in a germ-free environment. Here are some of our favourite influencers who agree with us. 


So, when are you planning to get your SleepX?

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