Keep It Classy: Four Vintage Beauty Trends That Are Back In Style This Year

Keep It Classy: Four Vintage Beauty Trends That Are Back In Style This Year

While beauty trends keep changing and evolving, there's another pattern at play--they keep coming back in style. When we look back at vintage makeup and beauty trends, it was all about being bold and commanding a presence. From face embellishments to all over blush, these trends grabbed your attention and how. And guess what, they all back to the forefront. 

So, if you want to have a throwback moment with your beauty looks, read on to learn how to achieve these looks.

Big Hair, Don't Care

Big curls were a thing of the 50s and they are totes here to make a comeback. While at the time they used curlers and had to keep their hair in place for hours, the process now is simpler. Section your hair into different parts and take each section in a large tong or curler and then hold it into place and release. You'll get bouncy curls all over, then use bobby pins to pin up some sections on the crown and keep others loose. And voila, you're ready for a Great Gatsby style soiree. 

Vega Ease Curl VHCH-01 Hair Curler

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Frosted, Gorgeous Lips

If you grew up in the 90s, you have to remember the light pink, frosted lips trend that was everywhere. Well, guess what ladies? It's back in vogue. Rather than looking OTT and strange, it actually looks really chic and gorgeous paired with a gold, honeydew eye makeup look.


Frost Lipstick - Angel

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Blush Baby Blush

All over blush is the newest 'it' trend in the beauty world and this too is making a comeback from the 30s. For a while there it was all about bronzing your skin but now blush is back to change the game. Draping is what we call it now- which is contouring and sculpting your face with a blush. So, ready for a flushed look?


K.Play Flavoured Blush - Sweet Peach

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Face Gems All The Way

Did this photograph take you back to the 70s when disco was all the rage? Yeah, me too. Face sparkles were obviously huge back then but they're back to make you fall in love with embellishments all over again. Today, they're just as glam and statement-making but can be made more wearable when focused around the eye. 



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A Sunkissed Glow

When we look at vintage beauty trends in the 60s and 70s, they're actually not about the matte look at all- it's dewy all the way. So use a liquid highlighter under your foundation or mixed in with your foundation to give that pearly glow to your face. Trust us, sunkissed and highlighter dipped skin, is in!


Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator - Sunbeam

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Rocking that vintage glam in 3...2...1...

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