Drape It Like It's Hot: Have You Tried This Rihanna-Approved Makeup Technique Yet?

Drape It Like It's Hot: Have You Tried This Rihanna-Approved Makeup Technique Yet?

If swirling your big fan brush over your fave blush pan and applying it on the apple of your cheeks is a part of your daily makeup routine, then perhaps you already know about this stunning blush applying technique.

Yes, we are talking about draping!

In simple terms, draping is contouring your face with a blush. But unlike applying the blush the exact way you contour your cheeks, you apply a popping blush shade on your cheeks, all the way to your temples! You can apply just one shade or play with multiple colours, use a matte blush or go crazy with shimmering blushes--the idea is to have fun and sculpt your face like never before.

How To *Drape* Your Face?

Do you remember Rihanna's iconic blush makeup on the 2017 Met Gala red carpet? It was everything!

We love how her makeup artist highlighted her cheeks with the most stunning pink-purple shade that we've ever seen. And ever since she blessed us with THAT look, beauty lovers cannot get enough of draping.

In case you were wondering, the draping technique is not new. In fact, it was pioneered by the legendary makeup artist, Way Bandy who said that it was his way of bringing out the natural drape of the face. Although he is no more, his friend, Marc Jacobs, is ensuring that this trend stays young forever. His Air Blush Soft Glow Duo is his way of celebrating the draping makeup technique.

Here's how you can drape it like Rihanna:

- Pick out the blush colour you wish to contour your face with! If you love to play with brighter colours, now's the time to shine!

- Time to go big or go home! Swirl a big blush brush all over the pan and start applying it on your cheeks.

- In an upward direction, start 'contouring' your cheeks. Take your colour all the way up to the temple of your face.

- If you like the way your face looks, you can either take another shade to highlight your cheeks, temples, or even your eyelids. Just going over your blush with a blinding highlighter will look so stunning too.

- You can use just one shade and build up the colour by applying another layer over it to add more depth to your face, go in with different yet similar shade or use a highlighter to create a look that'll get everyone thinking, who's that girl?!

- You can totally skip on doing your eye makeup and drag your blush on your lids too. Apply a dash of glitter shadow to make 'em popping.

And that's basically it!



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Draping is for everyone who loves a flush of colour on their cheeks. You can literally keep your entire face makeup to a minimum and only do draping, and you'll still look stunning! But a little lipstick never hurt nobody *wink*

Would you dare to try draping?

Featured Image: YouTube