5 Minute Updo: Watch Me Recreate Hina Khan's Adorable Space Buns!

5 Minute Updo: Watch Me Recreate Hina Khan's Adorable Space Buns!

Don't you just love Hina Khan for her fashion sense on the 'Gram? She's one actress who loves playing with bold colours and aesthetic prints! It's not just her style that deserves all praise, her hair and makeup are always on point too. Unlike most celebs, she isn't content with just leaving her hair open or tying it up into a ponytail - she goes all out! Braids, topknots, waves, ringlets - Hina leaves no stone unturned. However, there is one hairdo of hers that I'm crushing on atm and it's this one! 


Doesn't Hina Khan look like sexy, cute and girly all at the same time? Turns out that this hairstyle is super easy to do! Under 5 minutes, I was able to pull off this hairdo and it's something I'll definitely try recreating again. What I love about it is that you don't need to use heat to create this hairstyle. You just need a few hair accessories, a comb and you're sorted! 

Watch Me Recreate Hina Khan's Adorable Space Buns!

You'll need a comb, 2 black hair ties, a pencil and a few bobby pins. (If your hair is frizzy, you might want to use a serum before attempting to try this hairstyle)

Step 1: Use a pencil to create a middle parting. 

Step 2: Create two fluffy pigtails using hair ties. 

Step 3: Twist one pigtail to create a rope and slowly move it to the top and coil the rope around your hair tie into a bun. 


Step 4: Secure the bun with the help of bobby pins.



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Step 5: Do the same on the other side.  

Yep, it takes just 5 minutes. In case, you're wondering - this is how the final hairstyle looks like!

Need visual direction? Here's a tutorial for you

Wasn't it easy? You can opt for messy or neat buns - I leave that up to you. It's a pretty cool hairstyle to wear to a the gym or to a sports event, it's definitely gonna get you a lot of compliments. You might want to carry more bobby pins with you just in case the buns open up. However, if you've secured them well then there's nothing to worry about.

Will you be rocking this hairdo?

Featured Image: Hina Khan on Instagram