Stories Of 5 Badass Desi Brides Who Threw Convention Out Of The Window On Their Wedding Day

Stories Of 5 Badass Desi Brides Who Threw Convention Out Of The Window On Their Wedding Day

When we think of brides, we think of women smiling and blushing in surreal lehengas and jewellery. Seldom do we visualise brides fighting social stigmas and breaking stereotypes at their own wedding. Surprisingly, we have had many desi brides who dared to break the norms and threw convention out of the window, and all of this in full swag.

On this Women's Day, take a look at these badass brides who broke the internet by bending the rules:

The Bride Who Wrote Her Exams In Her Wedding Lehenga


Image Credits: Times Of India

This Karnataka bride proved that nothing is important than education, not even your own wedding. When she learnt that her wedding date was coinciding with her exams, she didn't skip her papers but went directly to the examination centre in her lehenga and jewellery, completed her paper and then came back home to finish the remaining rituals. The poor groom waited outside the exam hall for her to finish the paper!

Saplings For Weddings Gifts


Image Credits: Off Grid Quest

This young woman from a village in Madhya Pradesh surprised her family and in-laws with her unique demand of 10,000 saplings instead of gold jewellery. The Science graduate who has seen her farmer father struggle with drought frequently was praised by everyone for her selfless move.

No Kanyadan For This Bride


Image Credits: Twitter

This bride had a unique and radical wedding. The wedding rituals were performed by female pandits and there was no kanyadan!! What's more, the bride was introduced by addressing the mother's name first! Something not very common in Indian weddings.

The Bride Whose Mother Did Her Kanyadan


Image Credits: Stories by Varun Suresh on Instagram

This Chennai bride took a strong stand for her single mother and had her perform the kanyadan- a ritual usually done by the father of the bride. After the picture of the bride sitting on her mother's lap as a part of the ritual went viral on social media, even Shashi Tharoor praised the act in a tweet.

This Badass Bride Who Broke Multiple Stereotypes

This Bengali bride challenging age-old traditions went viral on social media for all the right reasons. The bride boldly refused to do the kanakanjali- a ritual that signifies that she has repaid all her debts to her mother. She also refused to cry during her bidayi, and rather left the house with a big smile promising to visit them whenever she may like.

It is inspiring how these women challenged stereotypes and didn't let society hold them back. When you feel a tradition needs an update, don't wait for someone else to do it for you. Stand up and be your own hero, like these ladies. It is just one small step that makes all the difference.

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