Makeup Tips, Colours And Products That'll Help Enhance Your Beautiful Brown Eyes!

Makeup Tips, Colours And Products That'll Help Enhance Your Beautiful Brown Eyes!
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Indians are genetically blessed with gorgeous brown eyes and our most favourite way of accentuating them is by using kohl and black eyeliner. But for those of you who are looking to switch things up a bit and up your beauty game, we have a few tricks and trends that will make your eyes pop. The thing about brown eyes is that you can get away with pretty much anything. But there are a few colours that will draw attention to your eyes and make them stand out. Here are some cool tips, tricks and eye makeup trends to flatter those beautiful brown eyes of yours. Go ahead, try these and let those big brown eyes do all the talking!

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    Best Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

    The key is to never stop exploring. Brown eyes one of the most attractive when it comes to experimenting with eye makeup trends. You can choose to keep it subtle or highlight the eyes based on your outfit or even your mood!

    Subtle Eye Makeup


    Go Neutral On Them

    For a minimal yet powerful look, you should definitely try playing with neutral colours. The beauty of using neutral shades is that they blend in perfectly with your eye colour. Ivory, beige, taupe, peach and even brown, are good shade choices. If you’re not an eyeshadow person, you can surely opt for eyeliners with these colours. They will do a fab job at subtly highlighting your eyes.

    Eye Makeup That’ll Make Your Eyes Pop


    Compliment Your Eye Colour

    It’s very important to know your eye colour first before you invest in products for eye makeup. Brown has many shades. The most common are deep chocolate brown, honey brown, light brown, hazel brown, dark brown... you get the drift? Based on your eye colour, you can then choose a colour palette that will work for you. If you have dark brown eyes, you should totally try a smokey eye look. For hazel ones, try purples, browns, blues and greens. For honey brown eyes, you can opt for colours like charcoal, beige, lime green, cobalt blue.

    The Shimmery Touch

    No matter how drab your eye makeup looks, a touch of shimmer can brighten things up. It gives your eyes that extra sparkle and helps you channel your inner diva. You can choose either glitter or a metallic finish. Look for eyeliners or eye shadows in shades like black, gold, silver, brown and grey to give your face a touch of radiance. You can also apply a bit of kajal below your eyes to give them depth.

    Give White Liner A Shot

    Many people are sceptical of using a white liner - they'd rather use black instead (it’s the safer option, after all). We, on the other hand, encourage you to do the opposite! If you use a white liner as a base on your lower lash line, and team it up with a stronger colour like a metallic or neon tint, you’ll definitely be in for a surprise! They will make your eyes pop, and give you a very confident and bold vibe.

    Purple All The Way

    Purple works wonders with brown eyes. Swap your regular black/ brown liner for a plum one and see how it makes your eyes look dreamy, almost royal. Trust us, this small change will make a huge impact on your eyes. The colour adds depth, creates an impact and gives your eyes that extra shot of drama. 

    Cobalt Blue

    If you want to catch a certain someone’s attention, you must get your hands on cobalt blue. It’s rich, it’s vibrant and, most importantly, it grabs eyeballs. Once you use it, you will notice that it instantly draws attention to your brown eyes. The best part - this shade is not hue specific. It adds that extra dash of magic to both dark and light brown eyes, and everything in between.

    Yellow And Orange Eyeshadow

    For a girl who loves being in the spotlight, these shades can become her best friends. The colours are very vibrant, very young and very fresh. They look fabulous with hazel eyes and enhance other shades of brown too. Moreover, the warmth in these colours accentuates our warm golden Indian skin tone. If you’re feeling a little more creative, you could club your orange or yellow with navy blue or mauve to make your eyes stand out even more!



    Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Brown Eyes

    Looking for some awesome eye makeup products and eyeshadow palettes? We've got the finest selection for you. Bold, metallic, neutrals or neon these ones are the best! 

    Maybelline New York The 24K Nudes Palette

    Maybelline New York The 24K Nudes Palette
    INR 540 AT Nykaa

    This baby has few of the trendiest nudes for brown eyes and it's incredibly affordable. They colours are wild and equally luxurious. These shimmering shades will give you a perfect look for evening parties. From beiges to greys, this 24K palette covers all your bases. Use the easy-to-handle dual-ended applicator for a flawless finish. 

    Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

    Huda Beauty
    The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette
    INR 5,375 AT Nykaa

    For the lovers of nudes eyeshadows, this is one of the best palettes you can invest in. It consists of 18 highly-pigmented shades, matte, shimmers and cream finishes. The shadows are highly pigmented and blend like a dream. It has great options for beginners as well as experienced eye makeup junkies! 

    Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Palette - Newtrals 2

    Makeup Revolution
    Re-Loaded Palette - Newtrals 2
    INR 850 AT Nykaa

    With 15 shades of rustic reds, warm oranges and burgundy's, this palette is perfect for an evening eye makeup. It has an interesting combination of highly-pigmented shimmer and matte shades which are oh-so-smooth. You can create some pretty amazing earthy makeup looks using this palette. The formula is vegan and cruelty-free, that's always a bonus.

    M.A.C Palette / Art Library - Flame-Boyant

    M.A.C Palette / Art Library - Flame-Boyant
    INR 4,950 AT Nykaa

    Inspire the world with twelve chic shades of Flame-Boyant by M.A.C Pro Artists. The highly pigmented powder shade blends effortlessly. It provides smooth finishing in both wet or dry form. It’s dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and safe for contact lens users too. For an easy application, use M.A.C's brush in 239 to press colour on the lids and use the 217 brush to blend the colour from the creases to the brow arches. 

    Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette - Sapphire

    Huda Beauty
    Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette - Sapphire
    INR 2,495 AT Nykaa

    A perfect palette for the souls who want to embrace the shades of blue. If you love to have fun with colours, you’ll like all the themes of Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. The collection has fuse jewel tones with a luxurious texture. It’s compact and all the shades spell fun in bold letters. For an easy application of these shades, blend the shadows together using darker shades in the crease and lighter ones along the brow bone and inner corners of the eye. Using a liner brush, apply one of the darker shades along the top and bottom lash line. If you’re looking for a more glamorous look, use your ring finger to apply the shimmer shade to the centre of your eyelids.

    Smashbox Vlada Cover Shot Petal Metal Eyeshadow Palette - Petal Metal

    Vlada Cover Shot Petal Metal Eyeshadow Palette - Petal Metal
    INR 2,650 AT Nykaa

    This Smashbox eye shadow palette features a wearable variety of hues of rose gold. Each colour is highly pigmented glides on in one swipe. Use a combination of the shades or one single shade and you're still going to look like a million bucks. The formula of these eyeshadows beautifully blooms on the lids. The palette is pretty compact and travel-friendly and because of it's fine selection of metallic eyeshadows, it's perfect for the festive season! 

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    What colours make brown eyes pop?

    Deep shades like purple and blue make brown eyes stand out the best. You can apply dark purple or dark blue eyeliner to finish your eye makeup. If you want a bolder look, you can use metallic eyeshadow colours like golden. For a more subtle look, apply mascara with eyeliner.

    How do you apply eyeshadow to brown eyes?

    For a flawless application, prime your lids first. Before applying eyeshadow, sweep a primer on your eyelids if you want it to stay on all day. Set the primer using a skin-toned eyeshadow or some loose powder. Apply a neutral shadow on your lids and blend in a darker colour along your crease. Add some highlighter under your brow bone and pack on a lighter eyeshadow along the inner corner of your eye to brighten it up. 

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    What is the best eye makeup for brown eyes and black hair?

    There are many trends that you can follow with brown eyes and black hair, your eye and hair colour is pretty versatile which means you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Some popular (and safe) choices are earthy-toned eyeshadow looks, matte brown eyeshadow and smokey eyes are the most loved.   

    What is the best eye makeup for brown eyes and brown hair?

    For the dark-eyed and brown-hair beauties, purple hues are the best ones. They highlight the eye colour beautifully and compliment your beautiful hair. While dark shades of purple can make for a stunning evening look, the pastel tones can bring a great focus to your features during the day. 

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