Breast Friends Forever: 11 Bizarre Bra Trends That’ll Make You Love The One You’re Wearing

Breast Friends Forever: 11 Bizarre Bra Trends That’ll Make You Love The One You’re Wearing

Why do you wear bras? Because they provide support to your boobies. Because they make your ta-tas look shapely. Because they make you feel comfortable. Because you like wearing them. Because mom says! Whatever be the reason, bras and we have a love-hate relationship. They’re a saviour in a chilly office (look out for the pointy sisters) and irritable when you’re out in the sun. But there are some bras that defeat the purpose altogether, and we can imagine only a hate-hate relationship with.

The evolution of bras has shown us all kinds of knocker lockers--from corsets to girdles to conical to brassiere. But ever since the 1950’s, things got a bit tit bizarre. We have found 11 such bra trends from over the years that are either completely pointless or, in some cases, too pointy. We are sure they will make you see your everyday bras in a whole new light. Check out!

Bullet Bras

Everlasting Star

The conical bra was born in the 1950s and ruled through the decade. To enhance the perkiness of the boobs, having a pair that was more pointy than curvy was all the rage because of the bullet bra. Popularized by actresses like Marilyn Monroe, the pointy bullet bra was last seen in the 90s when pop-singer Madonna wore a couple of designs made by Jean-Paul Gaultier on her music tour.

Billboard, EW, Time

Firework Bras

Daily Mail, Twitter

When one talks about the firework bra, Lady Gaga comes to mind. Fans went crazy when Gaga’s bustier had fireworks coming out of it during a performance in 2009. Apparently, the Shallow singer/songwriter was paying homage to Madonna’s bullet bra by sporting fiery cups during her performances. Only Gaga could have pulled this off!

Light Up Bras

Neon Nancy

While the previous bra was lit with fireworks, the light-up bra had spiral LEDs running all over the cups in different colours. Literally! TBH, these glow-in-the-dark bras remind me of discotheques from the early 2000s. Can you feel the sight leaving your eyes, yet?

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Coconut Bras

Aloha Hula Supply

Ever seen a hula girl? Their typical costumes boast of coconut bras, or rather a coconut cut into half and the shells worn as bra cups, as a part of the Hawaiin culture. Till date, coconut bras are a symbolic Hawaiin attire but that doesn’t make it any less strange. We’re going nuts (pun intended) simply thinking about wearing one for a day let alone dance in it.

Cabbage Bras


Nothing, I swear, nothing promotes the agenda of ‘Go Green’ better than these leaflets. Imagine a cabbage leaf or a lettuce leaf on your boobs. Well, that’s it. That’s the whole bra! Did you know, women actually use cabbage leaves to soothe swollen boobs. Lettuce try one, shall we?

Food Bras

People, YouTube

You must be thinking about Katy Perry’s popular song Calfornia Gurls right now, no? Whipped cream cans, cupcakes, peppermint lollipops, giant burgers...the singer has worn all kinds of food items. Her fans may call it whimsical, but the word you are looking for is bizarre.

Boob Hammocks


I’ve always wanted to have a hammock in my backyard. They sound like the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. Until now! Boob hammocks is a bra trend that saw the light of the day in 2017 and has since been haunting me whenever I see a hammock. Frankly, these bras sound and look like more work than a regular bra, plus I don’t want that kind of pressure on my delicate little neck.

Naked Bras


Really? Why are you they even here? I can’t even...

Hand Palm Bras


Nothing understands the value of physical support than your own hands. And since support is what you seek in a bra, ta-da! This is hands-down (pun intended part-2) the funniest bra design we have seen so far. Are they grabbing or protecting, who can tell.

Mesh Applique/Embroidered Bras


This bra trend has been around for a while now and let’s just say, it makes no sense. A mesh bra with applique or embroidery patches around the nipple area? Hell no! Who even wears these? More importantly, WHY?

Stickers/Nipple Covers


I like nipple covers and I cannot lie. Finding the right bra for backless and deep-neck clothes has always been a pain for a lot of you, I’m sure. These adhesive little silicone babies make sure your nipples aren’t exposed and you are comfortable all through the day. Seriously! They may sound bizarre, and in this case, look bizarre too, but they are a blessing. I suggest you go for a skin-coloured pair.

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