Oh La La.. This French Skincare Routine Will Make You Forget All About K-Beauty!

Oh La La.. This French Skincare Routine Will Make You Forget All About K-Beauty!

Bare, dewy skin is what we wish we had from the Parisians. If you didn’t already know, French skincare is more about consistency and technique than it is about experimenting with new products and trying new makeup trends. They believe that a good skincare routine, minimal cult products and eating clean, will fetch them gorgeous skin. Even in the case of makeup, they have this ‘I woke up like this’ attitude. They only use products to enhance their already-existing features and probably that’s one of the main reasons why French skincare is the talk of the town in the first place. Bare skin, a subtle glow along their cheekbones and a pop of red on the lips is a classic french beauty look. Since we’re here to talk about skincare today, let’s get to it, shall we?

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    French Beauty Secrets You Must Know Of

    French skincare products are some of the most loved products around the world. That’s because they’re no fluff and very effective with minimal, clean ingredients. Wondering how these women manage to look drop-dead-gorgeous all the time? Here are some French beauty secrets that you should know of.

    Bathing Is Viewed As An Indulgence

    In India, bathing is not viewed as a self-care experience. Everything is done so mechanical - wash, scrub and wash again. Our shower time is done in just a couple of minutes. The French are different. Their bath time is special to them. They enjoy bathing with bath salts, herbs, essential oils and scrubs. Spoiling themselves in the tub is part of their self-care routine. That’s probably why their skin looks radiant all the time. 

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    Skin Treatments Over Makeup

    You will find Parisian women flocking to salons and spas more than makeup stores because that’s how much they love and value their skin. The aim is to make their hair and skin look natural and healthy. Plus, if you think about it, it's a great way for us women to relax and rejuvenate. Plus, going overboard with your makeup can clog your skin pores and cause acne. Hence, skincare is viewed as a better bet. 

    They LOVE SPF


    French women won’t leave their homes without wearing sunscreen. They know that skin on the face, neck and hands is sensitive and delicate, hence applying SPF is a must. Since most sunscreens today have moisturising properties, an SPF not only protects the skin but keeps it hydrated as well.  

    Face Masks = Pleasure Time

    Mask time is important to a French woman. When she puts on a sheet mask, she cuts off from the digital world and focuses all her energy on applying the mask. She believes that senses like touch and smell are stimulated when distractions are out of the way. The very attitude of enjoying oneself while performing beauty rituals is the secret to youthful, glowing skin. 


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    Water Is Their Best Friend

    The more water you consume, the better. The French love it when their skin looks hydrated and moist. Which is why they always sip on water from time to time during the day. If not used to too much consuming water, start with 4 tall glasses. Gradually increase your intake day by day. You should be aiming for 2 litres a day. Also, when they’re not drinking water, they’re spraying their faces with a hydrating mist! 

    The Bare Necessities


    Other than blush, SPF, mascara and nude lippies, the French don’t believe in caking their face with makeup. In fact, you would be shocked to know that they never apply foundation at all. They only stick to concealer, face cream and SPF. Remember when I told you that they like to keep it natural! They only use makeup products to enhance their existing features! Mascara is a cult product most French women swear by.  


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    They Never Touch Their Face

    Touching your face is a big NO in France. They know for a fact that if they do, they’ll spread dirt and bacteria on the skin. This could lead to acne and rashes in the future. Only touch your face when your fingers are squeaky clean and no matter how tempted you may be, don’t pop that zit!

    Natural Ingredients are Bae

    I think the one thing that brings France and India on the same page is their mutual love for homemade beauty solutions. Trust me, if we had to pick between commercial beauty products and homemade remedies, I think we’d pick the latter. For example, the French make a homemade mask using two egg yolks, honey, lemon juice and rum for shiny, strong hair. In a nutshell, we and them, love our homemade beauty recipes to bits. 

    They Focus Only On One Feature

    You will never find a Parisian woman who cakes her face with makeup. She focuses only on one area and lets that feature grab all the attention. If she’s sporting a bold lip colour, expect the rest of her makeup to be subtle and look natural. If it’s a dark smokey eye, then it’s nude lips and a slightly contoured jawline. On days when she doesn’t feel like wearing too much makeup, she sticks to just grooming her brows, a faint hint of blush on the apples of her cheeks, mascara and a pop of colour on the lips. 

    They’re Obsessed With Face Creams


    A soft and moisturised face is what Parisian women are blessed with. In fact, one of their cult skincare products is a humble face cream. They never apply makeup on dry and dehydrated skin. Some of them even walk out of their homes without applying foundation or concealer, but never without a face cream. They have to thank this beauty habit for giving them a radiant complexion. 

    The French Skincare Routine

    Unlike the 10-step Korean skincare routine, the French skincare routine involves fewer steps and is super simple. Plus, less time-consuming at the same time. If you don’t follow a skincare routine, maybe you need to learn a few things from the French. Let’s get started, shall we?

    1. Master The Art of Cleansing

    No matter how tired you are, at the end of the day, it’s important to cleanse your face. French women are big fans of micellar water. They use it to remove their makeup and follow it up with cleansing milk. In fact, most of them even avoid using soap and regular face washes as they tend to dry out their skin. Once they’re done with cleansing, they move on to the next step. 

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    2. Toning Is Essential

    In case you still have makeup residue, oil or dirt on the face, a toner helps to remove them and keep your pores squeaky clean. A toner also helps to correct and balance the pH levels of your skin. This step helps to keep both, acne and scars at bay. 

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    3. Follow It Up With A Serum


    Since French women love all things skincare, the serum is one of their most favourite product out there. They usually prefer one that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants that help to nourish the skin. After applying toner, they usually apply serum to specific areas of the face like areas that suffer from wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. 

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    4. Never Skip Moisturising

    Moisturising is a step is one the most crucial from the lot. As mentioned earlier, French women love their face creams and oils. The product shouldn’t feel heavy and clog up the pores. They prefer the kind that’s lightweight and mild on the skin. Moisturising should be done religiously every day without fail. 

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    5. They LOVE To Mask

    Whether it’s slapping a sheet mask on or applying a DIY mask at home, French women are huge fans of masking. Twice or Thrice a week, they must sheet mask. While waiting for the mask to dry up, they prefer to relax by listening to soft music, sipping on a hot cup of tea and reading a good book. That’s the kind of ‘me time’ they love. 

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    French Beauty Brands Available In India


    A popular skincare brand in France that’s available in India is Vichy. The brand not only deals with skincare products but body care and makeup as well. Their products are of high quality and value for money. Almost all their products are packed with thermal water and active ingredients. The best part is that you can now buy them in India!

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    The brand isn’t only available in France and in India, but in 88 countries around the globe. Women who shop online from this brand are always spoiled with freebies and beauty treatments post the checking out. They’re loved because their products and ingredients are eco-friendly. From shampoos to cleansing gels this French brand has it all!

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    Remember that I told you how the French love their micellar water? Till today, Bioderma’s most popular beauty product is their micellar water. It’s loved because it does wonders for the skin! In seconds makeup residue is taken off and skin starts to feel smooth and cleans post use. Women who have sensitive or acne-prone skin should consider giving this brand a shot. 

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    Every pharmacy in France has Avene products for sale. Yes, that’s how popular they are among Parisians. All products are produced and derived from the brand’s own thermal spring. Once applied, you’ll notice how gorgeous it feels on the skin. The product doesn’t feel heavy, but still manages to deep cleanse your skin. 

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    If you don’t mind splurging for your skin, this brand’s beauty products will be an excellent investment. Founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, the brand is known for its hydrating products and aesthetic packaging. Its price range in India is anywhere between 600 Rs - 11k.

    What To Buy: L'Occitane Harmonie Divine Cream (Rs 11,000)


    The brand is so much more than its skincare and cosmetic products. Its perfumes are out of this world too! It’s a brand that’s been around for decades now. Founded in 1828 by a perfumer named Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain, the brand till today is popular among beauty influencers and magazines.

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    This brand needs no introduction. It’s one of the most luxe French Beauty Brands out there! The brand not only focuses on clothes butt on makeup and skincare as well. Investing in a Dior product may feel like a burn in the pocket, but trust me, they’re worth every penny. 

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    Now that you know everything about the French skincare routine, when are you going to give it a shot? Sometime soon I hope!

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