The Smart Woman's Guide to Moving House

The Smart Woman's Guide to Moving House

It’s not uncommon to feel a headache coming on at the thought of moving homes. Especially if you’ve not moved for a long time, you’ve most likely accumulated a load of crap. You have to not only filter that out but also think about choosing the right moving company, plan the stages, and then worry how you will establish some normalcy of routine during the move so that everyone in the family can still attend work and school. 

Well, we’ve discovered an ingenious little step that completely dissolves your moving woes and makes the process the most stress-free ever. Read all about it in our complete guide to managing a dream stress free move.


The First List

While it’s easy to end up focussing on the physical aspect of moving – i.e. getting the contents of your house from one location to another – it’s so important that you take care of the admin side of the move. It’s tedious work, but one of the first lists you’ll make is to put down all the places you’ll need to update with your new address. You’ll most likely also have to switch your phone line and broadband connection, so find out who are your providers in the new building or area. Talk to them about the amount of time it will take to install, and what their plans are. These days, you need to install your wifi in the house before you unpack your kitchen. 

Picking The Right Packers and Movers

It’s always a huge penny-wise-pound-foolish moment to skimp on packers and movers. You need to weigh in the cost of replacing all the items a cheap packer and mover will damage or break as against what a good and reliable mover will charge. Ask friends to suggest a good packer and mover, get four or five of them to come and do a complete survey. A survey allows you to get an estimate of not only costs, but also the amount of time it will take to pack, move and unpack at the other end. Also, remember, instead of trying to give them an idea of fewer things, inflate and show them 15% more things to be moved than what you think you’ll need to move. This is because eventually you are most likely to end up taking more than you think, and you don’t need to haggle with them on the day of the move on extra boxes. A mover will always give you an estimate for a certain number of boxes/ moving container. If he gives you an estimate for 120 boxes, and on moving day you end up actually moving in just 100 boxes, you can negotiate the final payment down. 

Before making your final choice, ask them what type of packing materials they use, what they’ll do to prevent water damage, how many people will come to pack, how many to move, how many trucks will be used. 

Definitely find out moving out and moving in charges at the building you’re staying in currently and where you are moving to. You’ll also need to check on where the loading and unloading bays are, what are the regulations regarding movers (in terms of time/day you’re allowed to unload). Lifts and access are another point you should find out and not leave it just to your movers.


Getting Your Next Home Ready Before The Move

Well before you move, there’s a bunch of things you definitely need to do. Survey the new house in terms of how you’ll layout the rooms, where lamps and appliances will go, so you can figure out if extra light points are required, extension boards are required. Check on how much load the electricity meter and board is designated to handle. Check all frames of doors and windows, plumbing in the apartment/house, so if there are any repairs to be made, there’s time for you to inform the landlord. Ideally, a house has to be painted, floors repolished, deep cleaned and pest-controlled before it’s handed over to you. 

Use The Opportunity To Have A Big Clear-Out

We’re all big fans of the Marie Kondo mantras right now, and if you haven’t yet had the chance to find out what items that you own spark joy, then there’s no better time than ahead of a big move. Ultimately, it’s a great money saver, as you won’t be paying movers to pack useless stuff and lugging them to your new home. It’s better to declutter room by room, starting with items you have the least emotional attachment to in order to ease into the ability to throw things out that you don’t actually need or use anymore. By throwing of course, we don’t mean completely rubbish it. It’s always better that you donate or recycle or sell. There are loads of online stores to help you sell off things you don’t use anymore.


Moving Day Prep

Your movers will pack your things according to the room. So boxes marked Master Bedroom, will go to the Master Bedroom in the new house. For your own piece of mind, prepare a layout of every room, so that when the boxes arrive in the new house, you can ask the movers to place the Master Bedroom Boxes (specially furniture items) in the exact spot they will eventually be unpacked. 

On arrival of the truck in your new home, tell the supervisor which room is corresponding to the room in the old house. He will typically tell his boys this layout and they’ll deliver the boxes first to the right room. Always get install furniture first and then other items. 

Depending on the scale of things you’re moving, keep in mind one or two days for packing up, one day of unloading the truck in the new house and perhaps unwrapping large furniture items, and two days of unpacking all other boxes and putting away these things. 

And Now, For Our Magic Tip...

Moving home can be extremely stressful. Sure, home movers shift all your stuff to your new home. However, unpacking and rearranging everything while you’re living in your new home can throw your life into chaos. Your children may have to miss school because you can’t find their books and you can’t cook meals because your kitchen is not set up yet.

You can either grin and bear this difficult situation or make the smart move by shifting into a hotel or a serviced apartment. While this option may cost you, it comes with a whole lot of advantages. Think spacious rooms, clean linen, and home-cooked meals. You can actually resume to your normal day-to-day activities while you do up your new home. Sounds convenient, right? 

We’ve also found you a comfortable place to stay during the transition - Andaz Residences by Hyatt.

Hyatt’s Andaz opened its door in New Delhi amidst much fanfare and again garnered the limelight when it opened its prized possession: Andaz Residences. It offers 129 fully serviced apartments that come with spacious rooms, dining areas, and fully-equipped kitchens. Located smack in the middle of Delhi and Gurgaon, it has everything you would need for a temporary housing arrangement.


The residences flaunt a contemporary design, with high glass walls and plenty of natural light. With a dishwasher, washing machine, walk-in closets, domestic help (if required), the apartments have everything you would need for a comfortable stay with your family. You can take a break from the errands and enjoy the lush green courtyards or the shade by the private pool.


Apart from lounges and green open spaces, child-friendly activities on weekends are an added benefit. Andaz also curates photo walks and excursions to nearby art galleries and museums.

Another highlight is the sumptuous food that it has to offer. While you have your personal kitchen in the apartment, Andaz provides nutritious meals throughout the day (and night.)

It can be your home between homes.

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