7 Everyday Habits You Didn't Know Were Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

7 Everyday Habits You Didn't Know Were Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

If you’re a student or a young adult who has just started working, we understand the struggles of being young and broke. More often than not, we end up blaming our parents or employer for not paying us enough. While that might be true, we can’t disagree with the fact that we too happen to spend a lot of money on unnecessary stuff. If you think otherwise, then this is something you’ve got to read. Here are 7 everyday habits that may actually be causing a big hole in your pocket.

1. The cup of coffeedddwdddddddddd


Coffee seems like a tiny expense when you think of it in the larger scheme of things. But if you order a coffee from the local cafe next to your office everyday, you’re actually causing quite a dent to your monthly budget. Even if the coffee costs 100 bucks a cup, drinking it everyday may not be so economical. Instead, have it at home or carry some in a thermos with you.

2. Dining out too often121212121

What’s a Saturday night if you’re not hanging out with your friends, right? Eating out is fun, but a dinner at home is even better for your wallet. Do a potluck and BYOB scenes every now and then. You don’t have to stop going out all together but you can totally reduce the frequency.

3. Indulging in too many personal care products

Personal care is important but it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Try drugstore brands before you indulge in luxury products. Sometimes, they work just as good. More importantly, the beauty industry is built to sell you expensive stuff you may not need. So, prioritise and research and spend only on things that are absolutely necessary.

4. Not carrying a shopping list to the grocery store


Grocery stores make everything look fancy and try to sell you things you may not actually need. Their schemes and offers can actually make you buy more things than you require. Sit and make a list of what is needed at home and only buy those items.

5. Paying for too many subscriptions which you don’t even use

If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, you’re already causing a strain on your bank balance. See what you actually need and watch and spend only on that. You can also pool in with your friends and each one pays for a subscription each. That way you can use each other’s accounts and share the economical load.

6. Wasting electricity

Turning off the lights and ACs is not only beneficial for the environment but also economical for your account balance. So today onwards, switch off the fan and tube light even if you’re stepping out of the room for 5 mins.  

7. Burning money instead of calories


We’re all guilty of paying for expensive gym memberships, personal training and fitness classes without actually going for them. If you really want to get fit, you can simply go for a run in the park or pick up your old cycle and get going.

We bet these simple changes in your lifestyle will not only make you financially stable, but you won’t have to hear ‘paise kya ped pe ugte hai’ from your parents again!

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