10 Signs Your Bhabhi Is Your Best Friend First And Sister-In-Law Later!

10 Signs Your Bhabhi Is Your Best Friend First And Sister-In-Law Later!

Sometimes in life we form a bond with certain people that feels stronger than any blood relation. The bond between a bhabhi and nanad is the same. She may not be connected to you by blood, but she definitely is by heart. From a fashion advisor and relationship expert to class A therapist- is there any avtar that she cannot take for you?

But if there’s one role that this amazing woman in your life plays the best, it’s the role of your best friend! Here are ten things you will totally relate to if your bhabhi dearest is also your BFF:

1. She Is Your Personal Therapist


You can talk to her about anything. Literally anything and for hours. You know all your secrets are safe with her. Besides, your bhabhi knows you so well that you don’t have to fake it before her. You can just be your true self.

2. She Saves Your Ass. E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E

She is the one you turn to every time you find yourself in the middle of a situation. From saving you from your parents’ wrath to taking your side in arguments with your brother, your bhabhi is a total troubleshooter.

3. Shopping Is So Much Fun With Her


With her in your life, all your shopping woes are solved. You don’t even remember when was the last time you shopped online because now you enjoy more of those impromptu trips to the malls!

4. She Pampers You. Way Too Often.

Whether it is with gifts you or with your favourite dishes, your bhabhi knows better than anyone (even better than your brother) how to pamper you!

5. She Is Your Best Travel Buddy


Travelling with her has an advantage - you know your parents will not disapprove of your crazy plans because your sister-in-law would be accompanying you.

6. She Is Your Fashion Guru

She has great taste in fashion and you love how she becomes your personal stylist whenever you need some good fashion advice. Also, haven’t you been envious of her fabulous wardrobe forever?

7. ..And Your Relationship Guru


Not just fashion, she gives you some really savage advice on relationships and boys too. She understands you and knows what you want from a relationship better than others and this is why you always pay heed to her pearls of wisdom.

8. She Is Your Partner In Crime

Isn’t it fun when the two of you together play pranks on your brother? Also, she takes all your silly pranks on her like a sport.

9. She Is Protective Of You Like Your Mom


Though she is cool enough to help you sneak in and out of the house during all your late-night rendezvous, your sister-in-law can turn into a protective mommy when the situation demands.

10. You Sort Out Your Issues Like BFFs

There are times when you argue and fight but somehow both of you know that you can’t live without each other. In the end, you say your apologies and patch up. Always.


Your bhabhi is your sister first and your sister-in-law later. With her around, you just don’t need another friend!

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