Believe It Or Not, These 7 Jobs Will Actually Pay You Real Money To Chill!

Believe It Or Not, These 7 Jobs Will Actually Pay You Real Money To Chill!

Sick of grinding it out 9-5? You and me both, buddy. If you've ever fantasised about getting paid for basically doing nothing, you've come to the right place. On a particularly stressful day at work, I did what any other bored employee would do--procrastinate! While I was busy doing nothing, I decided to look for alternate career options where the job requirement was to do as little work as possible while still getting paid. Here's a compilation of my very 'serious' research of the bizarre list of jobs you can actually get paid for:

1. To Cuddle Someone


This service was invented for lonely people who wanted the close touch of another human being in a non-sexual way. According to studies, cuddling another human being releases 'happy hormones' in our body including endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine. Plus, you'll literally get paid to lie in bed for a few hours and hug someone. What's not to love? This service is available in the United States, and a professional cuddler can earn $80 per hour.

2. To Lie In Bed For 2 Months

NASA scientists are conducting a study on how weightlessness affects the human body. So if you're someone who enjoys staying in bed all day, you can volunteer for them and get paid 16,500 Euros! Keep in mind that you'll be confined to a bed for 60 days, where you'll be eating, showering and going to the bathroom while lying in bed. While the entire ordeal sounds a little nerve-wracking, this is possibly the easiest way to earn some money sitting at home.

3. To Be An Extra In A Movie


I'm sure you're familiar with the expression "there are no small parts, only small actors". Well, in this case, you can get the chance to appear in your favourite movie even if you have exactly zero acting skills. Extras are essential to movies because they make scenes look and feel more realistic. All you need to do is stay in the background of the scene! Did we mention you can get paid $150 dollars a day? Plus, you get to see your favourite actors up close! It's a win-win situation, according to us.

4. To Be A Dog-Walker

Before I owned a dog, there were times when I had considered paying people to let me play with their dogs for an hour. No, seriously. So if you're someone who loves these adorable, four-legged canines but cannot keep one at the moment, being a dog walker is a great option! You get to spend time with dogs, take them to the park and even play games with them! In fact, this will also help YOU stay fit since most dogs need to be walked at least for half an hour every day. The fact that you can get paid to do all of this just blows my mind!

5. To Play Video Games


This one's for the gaming addicts! Before gaming companies launch a new video game in the market, they release a beta version and send it to specific people for testing. All you need to do is play the game and try to finish it. You'll need to report back on how much time it took for you to finish the game, along with any bugs that you encountered. The company will then make appropriate changes and release the game to mainstream audiences. And you get to walk away with $36,000-$60,000 a year. Sweet!

6. To Binge Watch Netflix Shows

I can't even believe that this is a real job. Netflix wants to pay people to binge watch shows on their streaming platform, and categorise them into an appropriate category. THAT'S IT! This is a real job! Netflix hires 'taggers' to spend long hours watching a various number of shows and 'tag' them based on their likeability. This helps them curate a personal list of shows for their viewers, based on the kind of shows they like. Where do I sign up, amirite?

7. To Write Messages For Fortune Cookies

Who doesn't love fortune cookies? Not only are they delicious, but their wise (and often hilarious) 'fortune' messages are the most fun part! SO if you're a writer and are looking for a fun, creative job--you can't miss this one! All you need to do is come up with witty one-liners. And we can bet you also get to eat a shit tonne of fortune cookies. Just FYI, this is a full-time job that pays people around $50,000 a year. I'm sold!

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