20 Makeup Memes Will Make You LOL So Hard Your Mascara Will Bleed!

20 Makeup Memes Will Make You LOL So Hard Your Mascara Will Bleed!

There are people who wear makeup and there are people who don’t. I wake up and makeup, every single day. Dabbing my makeup in with my beauty blender is my caffeine. I honestly spend more money on makeup than I do on my groceries and I lurk into every Sephora store checking out new launches like you’d stalk your ex. If you’re like me and you live for makeup, you’ll probably find yourself rolling on the floor laughing, by the end of this post!

These are the best, absolutely funniest makeup memes that every single makeup lover will relate to!

1. Sorry, Not Sorry Bob!

makeup memes 1


2. Girls Gotta Hydrate!

makeup memes 2



3. Me, listening to my friends talking about life!

makeup memes 3


4. Getting ready for my morning run like...

makeup memes 4


5. Dear Universe, this would be a great time to show me that the law of attraction works!  

makeup memes 5


6. Him: Babe, you look a little fluffy today

makeup memes 6


7. I love you Sharon, but you is NEED a Beauty Blender!

makeup memes 7


8. Casually waiting by the door for my haul to arrive




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9. Even when I'm going to the gym!

makeup memes 9


10. My reaction when someone critiques my 'No-Makeup Makeup Look' 

makeup memes 10


11. Trying to walk past Sephora without going in!

makeup memes 11

...Also me


12. It was for charity Dad, I swear!

makeup memes 21


13. What I really mean when I say we're going out to buy baking supplies

makeup memes 13

14. I just had an Orgasm...

makeup memes 14


15. Silently judging the way you contour

makeup memes 15


16. Putting on my sweetest resting bitch face and trying not to be a Mean Girl to Carol

makeup memes 16


17. The only kind of compliments I need...

makeup memes 17

Also me: You've gotta try it, girl! It's Better Than Sex!


18. COME ON, Tell me this is not what your dreams are made of!

makeup memes 18


19. Basically.

makeup memes 19


20. Have you met my #FutureBFF yet?

makeup memes 20


Happy weekend! Let's be strong and not walk into Sephora today, shall we?

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