5 Denim(ite) October Outfits For The In-Between Weather, Courtesy Bollywood

5 Denim(ite) October Outfits For The In-Between Weather, Courtesy Bollywood

As happy as October makes us, it confuses us equally thanks to the in-between weather, which doesn't let us dress for summer or winter. The days are hot but coming back home at 9 in the night is a goosebumpy journey.

So, how do you put your fashionable foot forward without catching a cold or compromising on style? Easy. Cash in on the evergreen denim trend. Here are the best 5 denim ensembles as seen on Bollywood celebrities that are our October inspiration for this indecisive weather:

1. Denim-on-Denim Like Anushka Sharma


Image: Instagram

Anushka Sharma styles her denim with more denim. Why this look works - she has proved this time and again with her airport appearances as well as movie promotion outfits. And while she is at it, she tries to keep it high on statement too. Wearing a simple denim shirt with jeans doesn't cut it anymore in 2018. Fashion is all about the flare and fancy sleeves now.

POPxo Tip: Make sure the two denim pieces that you are choosing are different in colour density just like Anushka's top is a darker blue than her paperbag waist pants. Distress, fade, and other features can be played with too.

2. Denim Separates Like Taapsee Pannu



Image: Instagram

Taapsee's style has always been beyond basic. Her outfit will usually have elements of quirk and something 'extra' even on a regular day. She styles her denim in separates giving a formal look a casual twist. Take a break from the blue jeans-white shirt ensemble and layer it like Taapsee this season.

3. Denim Skirts Like Deepika Padukone


Image: Instagram

Deepika, on the other hand, likes to keep it simple. She mostly styles her denim in the form of high-waisted jeans or, as seen on her recently at the airport, a long denim skirt. She also keeps her pieces of denim clean without any distress or fade or embroidery. Get yourself a denim skirt for a fashionable year ahead, just like DP. You can even add a fun bomber jacket to up your street style game.

4. All Denim Jumpsuit Like Waluscha De Sousa


Image: Instagram

The Fan actress Waluscha De Sousa opts for a chic denim jumpsuit and, with just a slim brown belt, makes it look crisp and classy in a jiffy. If you are not a fan of the layering trend, this is how you can style denim this October. Pair it with booties and accessorise with a handheld bag to get a celebrity-approved look.

5. Colourblocked Denim Jacket Like Hansika Motwani


Image: Instagram

Hansika Motwani has a colourful plan to beat her blues. Recently, she was seen wearing this blue and mango-yellow colour-blocked jacket with her solid fit and flare dress. She added a pop of pink to the ensemble with a sling bag, matching her tinted lips. Here's an interesting way to denim-up this season.

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