7 Girls Share How They Style Their Denim Skirt!

7 Girls Share How They Style Their Denim Skirt!

Haven’t we all worn denim skirts while growing up? The piece has made a comeback this year and we must move beyond styling it with basic t-shirts and sneakers like how we would back in the day. So what’s the 2017 way of rocking the same old denim skirt? Since the denim skirt is quite a tricky piece to style, we’re here to share the looks that worked for us! Read on and get inspired to wear your denim skirt in different ways!

1. Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

1 wear your denim skirt in different ways

“It’s a hard task to style a denim skirt in the winter - that’s why I’m proud of this look. My favourite snuggle white crop sweater, leather boots and this button-down denim skirt - the combination just worked!”

Style your denim skirt for the winter with this crop sweatshirt (Rs 899).

2. Arushi Sakhuja , Editorial Coordinator

2 wear your denim skirt in different ways %281%29

“Unlike my usual way of dressing, I choose to go the classic way and keep my outfit very simple. Although I still combined two trends together! I threw on my button down denim, with a floral slogan crop top and white sneakers. To make the outfit a little formal I would choose to pair it with a sequin sleeveless top, heels and a patent leather clutch!”

If you love my mini button down skirt you can buy a similar one by Tarama (Rs 857) on Myntra.

3. Roshni, Fashion Video Producer

3 wear your denim skirt in different ways

“I'm wearing mine in a deconstructive way because that’s the liberty with a button down skirt. You can open the buttons and flip them over and it looks quite cool! I like to wear it with a button down shirt for a casual look.”

Loving my skirt? Get a similar one here (Rs 1,349).

4. Srishti Sabharwal, Senior Fashion Writer

“This black button down denim skirt really helped me get through the season. It’s comfortable and can be styled for any occasion. I like to wear it with a tucked in off shoulder top and tie-up flats.”  

If you like my off shoulder top, you can get a similar one here (Rs 799).

5. Apoorva Poonia, Trending Writer

5 wear your denim skirt in different ways

“Practically speaking, a button-down skirt is a fairly casual way to cover your bottom, but not your legs. It’s versatile, feminine and just the right pick for you if you’re not one for midis or shorts. I like to pair it with a cotton shirt for work and style it with a cool tee for a day out with friends.”

If you have an eye on my skirt, you can buy a similar one in black by Blue Saint for Rs 650, available on Ajio.

6. Upalina Gupta, Senior Stylist, Video


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“I like to wear light coloured denim on top of dark bottom to show the transitional balance. It’s a failsafe way to work the denim-on-denim trend.”

Get yourself this pencil skirt (Rs 999) for the perfect denim on denim look!

7. Shraddha Gurung, Assistant Producer, Beauty


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“For me, the best way to work a bright colour is to balance it out with a denim skirt. This cute button down denim is the perfect size to flaunt during any time of the day!”

You can get the yellow crop top I’m wearing from Stalk Buy Love here (Rs 999)

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