Chocolate Syrup, Threesome & Crazy Positions: People Reveal The Most Erotic Sex They've Ever Had

Chocolate Syrup, Threesome & Crazy Positions: People Reveal The Most Erotic Sex They've Ever Had

The whole spectrum of sex is still under discovery. We're still finding out all the magical and pleasurable things we can do with our bodies. And looks like we'll be finding out more things for a really long time. But there are a few people who've toed the line and found the perfect mix of extreme, erotic, and painfully brilliant pleasure. And that's exactly what I found out when I discovered this Quora thread where someone had asked, 'What is the most erotic thing you've ever done that no one knows about?'

Trust me when I say this, the answers are equal parts mind-blowing, erotic and crazy. Some of them will have you wanting to jump in bed with bae and try things you've never tried before.

1. The Chocolaty Trio

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read how this woman got into a threesome with her friend Steph and boyfriend Nathaniel. Sounded so damn hot!

"We were so engrossed in licking and sucking and kissing each other's pussy and asshole that we didn’t hear Nathaniel come in. He had brought along with him a chocolate syrup and he poured this on Steph’s crack, some trickled down to her pussy which I lapped up immediately. Then he told Steph to get off and he poured some more syrup all over my tits and pussy and he told her to lick the syrup off me. With her bending over me and licking, he poured some on her back and ass and he started licking her."

2. The One With The Thrill Of Getting Caught 

Sometimes all you need is someone who asks you to bend over assertively (with consent, of course). And when there is a chance of getting caught by your neighbours, it just becomes so interesting.

"I bent her over the deck, undid my pants and let them fall then worked my cock up and down her wet slit. She looked over her shoulder at me in panic, “What are you doing?” she asked me. “What the fuck do you think I’m doing?” I asked as my cock slid into her. I started to ram her hard against the deck. My hands went up under her blouse and grabbed her breasts. “My nipples,” she gasped, “Pinch my nipples.” “Shut up,” I said, and I pinched her nipples. “Oh my God,” she whined, “I think they can see us,” as I pounded her."

1 erotic things quora thrill of getting caught

3. Flatmates Come With Added Benefits

What's the best thing your flatmate you're attracted to has done? If they're into you and this is not it, they probably need to up their game!

"The most erotic thing I have experienced is getting cosy with my roomie. We have been living together as flatmates since our MBA days. Though we have separate rooms, on one occasion, we were partying in Bandra and were sloshed. On our return, we just crashed in the same bed. Early in the morning, I felt her body over mine, and I was so turned on…I had never felt so aroused, even with a guy."

4. Doing It In The Parents' House

There is something about having sex somewhere you're not supposed to - like your very conservative Christian parents' home!

"Sorry I got a bit excited and started without you,” and with a saucy grin she took my hand and lead me to her room. At this point, she pulled down my pants and took off all of my clothes she then sat on my lap and started to dry hump me. My penis started to get big and hard all she kept saying to me was, “Ooooh oh God oh yes oh Micheal what a big boy you are.” She then slid off my lap once I came and she then got down on her knees and spread my legs."

2 erotic things quora parents house

5. The Client Threesome

When your massage clients are paying you good money and you're into them, you go out of your way to please them like this man did!

"Next we had dinner with erotic food fun, the lady was feeling food to both me and her husband simultaneously with her hands. Some food she spread on her thighs and boobs then I licked it. Once dinner was done, we all were turned on and had a hardcore threesome, double penetrations, deep pussy licking, rimming, foreplay, kiss therapy and more erotic things overnight."

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