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Made In India: 8 Desi Shampoo Bars For Long And Glossy Hair

Made In India: 8 Desi Shampoo Bars For Long And Glossy Hair

As much as I love beauty products that come in pretty packaging, I constantly worry about what happens to them when I chuck them out. Plastic bottles and caps are toxic to the environment and it takes years for them to decompose. The good news is that these things are slowly changing. Not only customers but brands too are making a conscious effort to use environment-friendly packaging. Shampoo bars are a thing now and I really hope that they stay. The ones mentioned on this list are not only from India, but they're made from natural ingredients too. What a time to be alive, right?

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1. Earthy Sapo Shikakai & Multani Shampoo Bar

earthy sopo hair shampoo bar

If you don't have the time to oil your hair, you can use this shampoo bar! It provides your hair with nourishment and it contains no preservatives, artificial hardeners, foaming agents and SLS. Just make sure to use a conditioner after. 

Price: Rs 185. Buy it here

2. Goli soda All Natural Cruelty-Free Probiotics Shampoo Bar For Normal Hair

goli soda shampoo bar

Do you have split ends? If so, then this is your product! Packed with Brahmi powder, lavender essential oil, jojoba oil and probiotics, your hair is going to be in for a treat. Plus, it makes hair shiny after rinsing.   

Price: Rs 244. Buy it here.

3. Soapworks 100% Coconut Oil Shampoo Bars

soap works coconut hair shampoo

If you've recently coloured your hair and you're looking for a product that is gentle on your scalp and strands, you must try this shampoo bar. It smells of coconut and does a great job at nourishing your hair from root to tip. 

Price: Rs 277. Buy it here

4. Frcolor Hair Shampoo Bars Jasmine Soap Bar for Hair Loss Cleaning

frcolour hair shampoo bar

Need a dupe for Lush shampoo bars? Well, you're looking like one. The cool part is that you can use it for both, your hair and skin. It moisturises your skin and improves the texture of your hair immensely. 

Price: Rs 379. Buy it here.

5. Alanna Naturally Beautiful Hair Fall Shampoo Bar 

alanna shampoo bar

Has your mane started to become thin? It must lack nutrients then. This shampoo bar will help with boosting volume and make your roots long and strong. Plus, the bar of shampoo is made from a lovely blend of amla, reetha, hibiscus and rice bran oil.   

Price: Rs 212. Buy it here.

6. Chandrika Aroma Shampoo Bar

chandrika shampoo bar

This shampoo bar may not look all that great, but it has some good stuff in it. Infused with extracts from lemongrass, neem, curry leaves, amla, brahmi, lye and aqua. It smells so natural and makes your hair feel so smooth. 

Price: Rs 120. Buy it here.

7. Soulflower Neem Henna Shampoo Bar Soap

soulflower shampoo bar

If you ever have to buy a shampoo bar, start with this one. It nourishes the scalp, cleanses it from dandruff and oil. Did I mention that it makes your locks shiny too? It's pretty awesome too. 

Price: Rs 400. Buy it here.

8. Auroville Shampoo Bar

hair shampoo auroville

Loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins, you know that this shampoo bar will do your hair good. It's a vegan product and using it daily will make your locks naturally thick, soft and gorgeous.  

Price: Rs 280. Buy it here.

Image: Shutterstock

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Published on Sep 28, 2018
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