These Home Remedies Are Perfect To Lighten Brown Spots

These Home Remedies Are Perfect To Lighten Brown Spots

If I weren't wearing concealer, you'd be able to spot the tiny brown spots on my face. If you have them too, don't be alarmed. They're harmless. You'll mostly spot them on your face, neck, shoulders and even on your hands. These spots pop up due to sun exposure. Here's how it works - when your skin is exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, it increases the production of melanocytes and that doubles up the melanin in the skin. This causes your skin to darken. The good news is that you can treat your skin at home using the ingredients lying around in your kitchen. Here are 5 home remedies to lighten brown spots. 

1. Onion Juice & Gooey Honey

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Onion juice may have an unpleasant scent, but it does contain sulphur. It is also an antiseptic and helps in the process of exfoliation. 

Step 1: In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of onion juice and two tablespoons of honey. 

Step 2: Apply the mix to your spots

Step 3: Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. 

Once in the morning and once before bedtime for a month.  

2. Fresh Papaya Pulp

You can either eat the papaya or apply the pulp to your face - both methods work. Packed with enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, this fruit also helps prevent blemishes and brighten complexion. 

Step 1: Dice the papaya into tiny chunks.

Step 2: Add a teaspoon of milk to the bowl.

Step 3: Crush the chunks of papaya using the backend of the spoon. 

Step 4: Use your fingers to apply the mix all over your face. 

Step 5: Leave the mask to dry for about 30 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. 

Once every alternate day for a month is good enough.

3. Delicious Buttermilk

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Buttermilk is good for digestion and is also good for treating brown spots. It has lactic acid and is gentle and mild while treating skin. 

Step 1: Before you dip your cotton ball into a bowl of buttermilk, add a little bit of tomato juice to the mix. 

Step 2: Dab the cotton ball over the spots and don't wash it off till 30 minutes have gone by. 

Step 3: Spray your face with cold water and don't forget to moisturise your skin post-cleansing. 

Stick to this remedy for a couple of weeks

4. Good Old Castor Oil 

Castor oil has magical powers when it comes to healing skin from spots, scars and acne.

Step 1: Pour some castor oil in a bowl. 

Step 2: Add some coconut oil to the castor oil. 

Step 3: Blend these two together. 

Step 4: Apply to your skin and don't wipe it off. The oil has to get absorbed into your skin. 

Once in the morning and once at night for 3 weeks will fetch you positive results. 

5. Lemon Juice & Brown Sugar

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Ladies, lemons are a gift from Mother Nature. It's a natural bleaching agent and does a fab job at doing away with brown spots. 

Step 1: Squeeze the juice of one lemon and pour it into a bowl.

Step 2: Add 5 tablespoons of brown sugar. 

Step 3: Mix the ingredients well using a spoon.

Step 4: Apply the paste all over your face and don't touch it for an hour. 

Step 5: Wash it off with cold water and moisturize after. 

Once a week for a month and you're good to go.

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