7 Bikes In India Under One Lakh That Will Give You The Ultimate Riding Experience

7 Bikes In India Under One Lakh That Will Give You The Ultimate Riding Experience

Are you a speed junkie? Is going for a bike ride your favourite way of enjoying the weather? Do you like to cut through traffic with your vehicle? Then you definitely are a bike lover.

Bikes are a style statement, especially when the rider is a woman. Cruising on a bike is not just thrilling but also very liberating. Be it going for a road trip on a bike or driving through the city, these two-wheel ride gives you a feeling that's hard to express in words.

Check out these fabulous and super affordable bikes under Rs 1,00,000 that'll give you the great riding experience without having to cut down on your hotel budget when you go for a vacation

1. Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bikes Under 1 Lac Bajaj Pulsar

Price: Rs 74,603

Engine: 149 cc

Mileage: 44.67 Kmpl

The Pulsar 150 has an ultra smashing exterior that makes it a look like a commuter bike. This one has ample power and an impressive fuel economy apart from its sporty design. The bike has some great features such as 15-litre large fuel tank, wolf-eyed headlight and electric start among many others.

2. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

Bikes Under 1 Lac TVS Apache

Price: Rs 81,490

Engine: 159.7 cc

Mileage: 60 Kmpl

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is the ultimate race machine. Available in three variants and three colours, it has a fab foam material that provides better cushioning. It has a muscular design and great handling at any speeds. Its snake fangs inspired LED matches aggression with functionality.

3. Honda CB Hornet 160R

Bikes Under 1 Lac Honda Hornet

Price: Rs 85,234

Engine: 162.71 cc

Mileage: 42.85 Kmpl

Honda CB Hornet 160R is focused more towards the young buyers with its sharp and sporty styling. With a nice to hold flat and wide handlebar, you get a sensation of riding a street bike. When you're riding this beast, you'll see heads turn in your direction.

4. Yamaha FZ S FI (V 2.0)

Bikes Under 1 Lac Yamaha 2.0

Price: Rs 75,893

Engine: 149cc

Mileage: 53 Kmpl

Yamaha FZ S FI (V 2.0) has a muscular stance, feels more refined and also runs quietly. It scores very well in terms of looks as it has a whole macho appeal to it. Ample of low and mid-range grunt helps the bike pick up from slow speeds without any sort of knocking whatsoever.

5. Honda X-Blade

Bikes Under 1 Lac Honda XBlade

Price: Rs 78,483

Engine: 162.71 cc

Mileage: 45.00 Kmpl

Honda X-Blade has an aggressive styling, given its sharp and chiselled body with muscular fuel tank extensions. Its first-in-class Robo-Face LED headlamps will make you cut through the dark with style. The dual outlet muffler enhances its sporty look and the mono-shock suspension give you superior handling and stability.

6. Suzuki Gixxer

Bikes Under 1 Lac Suzuki Gixxer

Price: Rs 77,650

Engine: 154.9 cc

Mileage: 64 Kmpl

Suzuki Gixxer gives you a big bike feel with its muscular and stylishly sculpted fuel tank. The bike has an excellent grip and is pretty light. The best feature is its fully digital speedometer. It has a decent low-end torque which makes it good to ride in the city. Its dynamic mid-range power ensures better acceleration and sporty handling.

7. Hero Glamour

Bikes Under 1 Lac Hero Glamour

Price: Rs 66,700

Engine: 124.7 cc

Mileage: 61.32 Kmpl

Hero Glamour is a machine that boasts of muscular design and stylish graphics. It brings you great functionality and performance. Built to suit your riding style with modern features, it has a refined engine. This one will make you stand out when you're cruising through the city.

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