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12 Things You Should Not Forget To Pack For Your Next Beach Vacay!

Soaking the sun, check. Getting a natural tan, check. Hydrating all day long, check. Summer is here! If you’re a beach-baby, the season calls for a sunny holiday. The best part of the places that offer beaches are the rentals. The rental apartments, rental bikes, unlike hotels and for-hire cabs, they are always affordable. So you can rent them for as long as you want to, on a guilt-free budget, which means, a long relaxing holiday. Which also means, a lot of packing. Take our words and don’t do the last minute packing. Make a checklist in advance and go by it.

Tips: Try your items at least a week before you pack them and only pack the ones you are absolutely sure of. Pack mostly neutrals and versatile clothes and make sure they are low maintenance. Count on a tote bag to carry all your beach items.

Other than your daily outfits, swimsuits and cosmetics, there are many items you must remember to pack. Here’s a small checklist that’ll help you pack right.

Ready? All packed? Now go!

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Published on Apr 15, 2018
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