Ms Braganza Realises Vanilla Sex May Be The Best Sex Ever!

Ms Braganza Realises Vanilla Sex May Be The Best Sex Ever!

My first orgasm in my life taught me one thing - life is dreary without good sex. And that's the mantra I've lived by, even after marriage. Now, I don't mean to brag but when Mr Braganza and I take it, we take it to town! After much thinking, I've decided it's best to share my bedroom adventures with you all. Because good sex and great stories are never a bad idea!

I'm sure by now you might think Mr B and I have an enviable sex life. Not to boast, but we do! It is pretty good! But the thing about our sex life is that it's not as adventurous as it might seem to an outsider. Sometimes we like to go back to our roots and explore the more vanilla aspects of sex. Just him, me and our bed!

And that's exactly what happened day before yesterday! We'd both had a hard day at work and all we wanted was each other's company. No fancy dinners, no elaborate gestures, no experimental sex poses. A good book and my husband dearest make my day better, without even trying. Sitting between his legs, with my back resting on his chest, I was reading my favourite book, unsurprisingly a love story that never failed to move me to tears, and he was watching football. I don't know when and how I fell asleep in that super comfy position.

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A few minutes later, I was woken up by his lips leaving a trail of wet kisses down my neck and on my shoulder. After the day I'd had, it felt like heaven. Shifting his body so he was hovering over me, he continued kissing me everywhere as he removed the teensy shorts and camisole set! "Baby, I don't tell you I love you enough" he continued, his lips trailing over my breasts! 

As he got rid of his clothes as well, I couldn't help but run my hands over his warm body. He'd been my home and my sanctuary for the longest time and every time I was in his arms, I was happy, safe and content. I was still lost in my thoughts when suddenly he entered me with unexpected pressure and force. As we moved to the rhythm he had set, my brain cleared itself of all other thoughts and the only thing in my head was him. Within minutes, he pushed me over the edge with his powerful thrusts and I was left seeing stars. As I came back from the high, I realised that despite all we'd done, my favourite part about our sex life was the simplest position ever. Sometimes, little things in life bring you more pleasure than anything else!

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