Manushi Chillar Took Indian Textiles To The Global Stage & We're So Proud!

Manushi Chillar Took Indian Textiles To The Global Stage & We're So Proud!

Ever since winning the coveted crown of 'Miss World', Manushi Chillar has been on a journey to make a difference and represent the country on the global stage. As part of her duties, Manushi has been involved in the planning and execution of her philanthropic projects through the year. One of the biggest ones is the 'Beauty With A Purpose" tour, where Chillar's cause works to provide a sustainable model for good menstrual hygiene in places where there are none. 

Manushi is in South Africa right now and had the honour to inaugurate the first sanitary pad manufacturing unit set up by the 'Beauty With A Purpose' organisation. 


A new milestone achieved! Nelson Mandela said that poor Menstrual hygiene was one of the three reasons why girls were facing inequality as compared to boys. It was an honour to inaugurate the first sanitary pad manufacturing unit set up by us in South Africa along with his excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa. It was a pleasure to escort you to the unit and explain the project and how the unit works. Work has already started and the first batch of 100% compostable, low cost sanitary pads have been produced! Two shifts of six to eight women and one supervisor each have been trained to operate the unit providing employment to the women of Mvezo. Around 2000 pads will be produced everyday and no girl shall feel uncomfortable while attending school. We already have more than 40 of these units running across 12 states of India. We are soon to open a unit in Johannesburg and also move to Kenya and Rwanda. Witnessing my project cross continents in such a short period of time is like a dream come true! Milestones still to be achieved...

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While on the tour, Chillar has been a part of many appearances and interviews. And with media appearances come gorgeous looks from celebrities that aim to make a stir! In a sea of Bollywood celebs opting for international or popular Indian designers, Manushi chose to change the game in an ensemble rooted in Indian textiles and craftsmanship.

Wearing a cropped top, trousers and cape separates, this young one looks absolutely otherworldly! Coming from a brand, PINNACLE, that is deeply inspired by Indian textiles and craftsmanship, it is refreshing, to say the least. The brand works towards promotions and development of weaves, embroideries and crafts from different parts of the country. Talk about fashion with a cause!

She sure seemed to have a lot of fun on the trip, swipe left to revel in it!